Students have mixed emotions approaching end of school year


Photo by Elizabeth Misovec

Sophomore Lindsey McNey takes time at the end of class to study for her AP US History exam coming up on May 6. “I like to use my spare time to review the material because there are so many topics to go over and I find it hard to find free time with my extracurriculars,” McNey said.

Students’ mental health coming to the end of the school year fluctuates. The last months of school can often be the hardest with AP exams approaching. Although it is stressful, a lot of students are going to miss seeing their friends in school all the time. 

For seniors, their last day of school is soon approaching on May 27. Their last month in high school has students reflecting on the good as well as the bad times they have had through the years. “It has definitely been a great four years, despite covid and the loss of a year of in-person learning, I still appreciate the experiences I had,” senior Lizzie Nelson said. 

The senior traditions also keep seniors looking forward to the remaining month of school. The senior picnic wasMay 6 and prom is scheduled for May 21. 

Sports have been an outlet for students to focus on things that may be stressing them out. “The soccer and softball teams throughout these years have probably been one of my favorite parts. The friends I have made and the team spirit that comes with it has gotten me through the school stress,” Nelson said.

Junior Kaitlin Mariani is struggling with a back issue and can’t participate in her club basketball team’s practices and games. “It has been a struggle not being able to play but I have been using the time to attend our other Wootton sports events and cheer them on,” Mariani said. 

Students are often given the most work at the end of the school year. Interviews, campaigns and applications for the next school year tend to all fall in the months of April and May. Junior Vivek Majumdar is running for SGA president for the coming school year and with his campaign, there comes a lot of work. “I have spent a lot of my time making posters and preparing my speech but I’m hoping that my hardwork will pay off,” Majumdar said.

Studying with friends can be a more tolerable way for students to learn while also having fun with the people they enjoy. With AP exams coming up, junior Nick Kim has been scheduling study sessions for him and his friends to cram for the exam. 

Lack of sleep is also an issue that can affect the mood of staff and students the next day. For multiple students, their assignments and studying keeps them up late and it may be hard to reach the recommended eight hours of sleep on most nights. “I have definitely had many sleepless nights this school year and I am hoping I can catch up on my sleep this summer,” Kim said. 

Summer trips keep students excited for the end of the school year. Travel spots are a hot spot in the summertime and families already have their vacations planned. “I can’t wait for the summer. My family and I are planning to visit South Africa in August but the excitement is definitely making the days feel slower,” freshman Bianca Diamond said.