Students weigh in on wheels vs doors debate


Photo by Ryan McGraw

Junior Harel Sabag points at one of the many doors throughout Wootton.

A raging debate has taken the world by storm after a Twitter user posted a poll asking, “do you think there’s more doors or wheels in the world?” More than 230,000 users voted on the poll, with wheels slightly beating out doors. Since then the heated debate has transitioned to TikTok, where the #WheelsvsDoors has more than 500 million views combined. 

A large proportion of students believe that there are more wheels, because of all the toys in the world such as Legos and Hot Wheels, which all have four wheels each. “I think there are more wheels than doors because remember when you go to the store and you see the whole section full of Legos and Hot Wheels. Every single one of them has four wheels. Doors can’t compete with that,” sophomore Matt Repie said.

Other students believe that there are more doors than wheels because cars also have doors that cancel out the wheels, and other things with doors don’t have wheels. “Cars have four wheels but they also have four so they cancel out. All buildings have a bunch of doors but no wheels. Ships have tons of doors too and no wheels. That’s a lot of doors with no wheels,” junior Carli Katz said.

Another reason students believe that there are more doors than wheels is because there are more doors per house than wheels per car. “I think there are more doors than wheels because every house has like around 10 doors in it depending on the size of the house. But cars only have four wheels per car. Even if the house has two cars, that’s not enough wheels. And that’s not even including the car doors,” senior Dason Miller said.

Other students disagree. “I disagree with Miller because many houses also have toys in them and bikes that contain wheels. Also many houses have more than two cars,” senior Dylan Yoon said.

A problem with the argument is what actually counts as a wheel. I “Thousands of different items in the world have wheels. There are wheels all around. Office chairs all have four wheels on them, drawers all have wheels so you can pull them out, even insides of machines have wheels that are needed for them to run properly. I think wheels easily beat doors,” junior Parker Lebowitz said.

Overall, students have mixed opinions on the question, and the heated debate seems to have prolonged even further. Thus, the question still remains: are there more doors or wheels in the world?