Tess Hagler reading books, also cooks


Megan Byles

While most people don’t discover their talents until later in their life, junior Tess Hagler found hers when she was four years old. Balancing school work, band practice, and a social life Hagler is starting a job at Founding Farmers this year. As their pastry chef Hagler works to perfect her skills and prepare her for her future at culinary school.
Q: When did you start cooking?
A: I started cooking when I was four years old and came home from preschool with a recipe we learned. I wanted to recreate it so my mom helped me and that’s when I fell in love with cooking. I have such a passion for cooking and I can’t wait to continue it throughout college and in my career.
Q: What do you do outside of cooking?
A: I’m a member of the band, and I also love to dance and horseback ride. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and cooking for them. My favorite dish to make is a red wine infused braised porkchop.
Q: Is cooking a hobby for you or something you’d like to pursue?
A: I’m committed to Walnut Hill College where I am majoring in culinary, which is about two and a half years. I’m also very serious about cooking and have an externship and an internship with Founding Farmers. The externship is right now where I’ll be able to work and also be in the kitchen. The internship will be during my senior year, and although I am majoring in culinary and not pastry, I am working as a pastry chef to help me become a more well-rounded chef.
Q: How did you get involved with Founding Farmers?
A: I was eating lunch there one day and I saw the head chef and I said hello and told him that I cooked too and am going to culinary school. He told me to come back again so I did, and he said they wanted me to work as their pastry chef. I was really happy and couldn’t believe that I could participate in such an amazing experience.

Ava Castelli

Staff Writer