What’s Underway in SGA: A spirited start to spring


Photo courtesy Naomi Esterowitz

Senior Miles Wiley totes his materials to school in a laundry basket brought from home for “Anything but a Backpack” day Apr. 20.

While the return to school after spring break is not generally an exciting time for students, the SGA hoped to fill the week with school pride with its annual spring spirit week and pep rally. Though a communication error moved the pep rally to Friday, Apr. 29, the array of popular — and unique — spirit days were still a source of fun for students.

To kick off the four-day week, students were encouraged to wear “groutfits” on Tuesday, or outfits composed solely of the color gray. The look is intended to be a silly, but simple, way to show spirit. 

Perhaps the most highly anticipated day was Wednesday’s “Anything but a Backpack” challenge. Students were encouraged to bring their school materials with any sort of carrying device (the more unconventional, the merrier) except a backpack.

This spirit day was popularized on TikTok because of the harmless amusement it brings to the classroom. Students used suitcases, laundry baskets, vacuums, popsicle coolers and even toy kitchens accompanied by full-body outfits to lug their materials to school. “It was exciting to see how many people participated for anything but a backpack day,” senior Rizel Serrano said. “This spirit week was the most spirit I’ve seen the school as a whole participate in during my four years at Wootton.”

Thursday’s spirit challenge was for students to dress as their favorite movie, show or book character. Although students usually dress in their class colors on the last day of every spirit week, because the rally was postponed, students instead came dressed in their best sports fanatic memorabilia. 

The SGA will also be hosting additional activities in the Commons the week of Apr. 25 in order to bolster student spirit. Students have the opportunity to donate dollars for dares, where they can nominate teachers to participate in dares during the pep rally, like a pie to the face.

While spirit events take place, the SGA is also hard at work preparing for a school-wide Family Feud game set to take place after AP exams. Planning for the event began earlier in the winter, and the SGA hopes students will participate in the fun.

Sophomore and SGA member Ewere Elubiaozor took to coding the game on Scratch himself when he couldn’t find any existing software to use. “My main part was to make sure to get everything in order for the game and to put down the questions while everybody else came up with them,” Elubiaozor said. “What I’m most looking forward to is that everybody enjoys it, because we worked really hard. I want it to be just like what it’s like when Steve Harvey does it.”

As the year comes to a close and senior leadership prepares to embark on their college journeys, SGA juniors and underclassmen are stepping up to fill their shoes. On Wednesday, May 4, all students will have the opportunity to elect their next SGA co-presidents, treasurer and secretary.

Sophomore and SGA member Naomi Esterowitz has spent the last weeks painting signs for the spring spirit week, pep rally and Family Feud game. Next year, she is excited to meet the new members of the SGA. “I’m excited, because then we’re not the newbies anymore,” Esterowitz said.