Moon Knight shocks fans


“Moon Knight” is a new marvel show on Disney+ that follows the story of one of Marvel’s more mysterious and darker characters. “Moon Knight” follows the adventure of Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Mr. Knight, and Moon Knight, who are all in the same body.

We are first introduced to Steven Grant who is portrayed to have a sleep-walking problem but later in the show, we learn that he has dissociative identity disorder (DID), which is someone who has multiple personalities. We learn that Marc Spector is in the body of Steven because he made a deal with the Egyptian moon god Khonshu to complete a mission. Khonshu is also the reason why Marc Spector is a moon knight as he provides him with the suit and powers. ¨I think the dissociative identity disorder is a really cool part of the show. Seeing how all these characters share the body and their struggle to take control of the body during their adventure is very interesting,” freshman Gavin Grange said.

The villain of the show is Arthur Harrow, a cult leader. Arthur was the previous server of Khonshu before Marc Spector but was mad how Khonshu would punish people after the crime was committed instead of preventing the crime before it  happened. Arthur is the server of Ammit, the patron of death and execution. Arthurs’s mission is to free her so she can prevent all crime, and although it sounds like a good thing, this will cause millions of deaths. “Arthur is a great villain because his motives make sense and he is so mysterious and smart, which makes him more dangerous and interesting to watch. The fact he was able to trick multiple goods also is very impressive in his character,¨ junior Max Mirsky said.

Moon Knight gets his powers through the moon when the moon is at its fullest. We see Moon Knights’ full strength but the powers we have seen are enhanced strength and healing ability. There is no doubt we are going to see way more of Moon Knight and what he has in store for us. Each personality is a key part of completing the mission as Steven specializes in Egyptian history, being able to solve hieroglyphics and meanings of Egyptian architecture and scripts with the help of Mr. Knight. Marc Spector does all the dirty work fighting and always thinking one step ahead.

“Moon Knight” will have six episodes in the series with four already out. The show is full of surprises and moments that will have you jumping out of your seat. There is a new episode every Wednesday and if you love superhero projects, I guarantee you will love “Moon Knight.”