Students search for perfect outfit for prom as it approaches this spring


Photo by Elizabeth Misovec

Senior Helena Hansen takes a break from homework to search for a prom dress online. With prom coming up, dresses have been in high demand and are going out of stock quickly. “I have been spending a lot of my free time looking for a dress,” Hansen said.

Almost every girl dreams of having the perfect prom dress. With prom approaching, seniors are scrambling to find a suitable outfit for the event. 

Prom is one of the final events for seniors besides graduation. This year’s senior prom is on May 21 and is hosted by Splanning. 

Senior Nicole Jezek said she has mixed emotions going into the end of the school year.

“Although I am excited for college and the new experience I am definitely going to miss my friends and the sports events,” Jezek said. 

This being her last school dance with her friends, Jezek feels the night should be worth it and wants her dress to be the best yet. “I have been looking around for dresses for a while. I found a few options but I am not completely sure yet,” Jezek said.

A lot of seniors have chosen online shopping for their dresses this year despite not knowing if it will fit right. “I ordered a few dresses from Nordstrom and David’s Bridal. I am going to try them on and see which one works the best,” senior Helena Hansen said.

The return policy for a lot of online places, however, prohibits customers from returning the dress or gives them less money back than they had spent originally. 

Some of the most popular dress stores are Lucy in The Sky and Lulu’s. They are both online stores but Lulu’s has some in-store options. 

People seem to want simple dresses with not a lot of flashy designs. Solid colored satin dresses have become popular amongst teens. “I have looked at some satin dresses and like their shininess and elegance without being too over the top,” Hansen said. 

People often match with their dates in school dances. Senior Caitlyn Kwan is planning to match with her boyfriend, senior Jack Mehler, at this year’s prom. “I have not yet decided on my dress this year but I know Jack and I were planning on matching,” Kwan said. 

As far as suits go, there are many places selling them. The variety is more limited than dresses and it is easier for most people to find one that they like.
Some common suit stores are Macy’s and Brooks Brothers. They are both in-person stores but shoppers can also order online. 

Guys often go with a simple black or navy blue suit. These are easy to find and are sold in multiple stores. The Gentleman’s Guru is an online store that has unique suit designs. The site offers a search function where customers can filter the color suit they want to look at while shopping. 

Students have been communicating to make sure not to match with their classmates. The instagram account @whspromfits22 was created for this reason. People send a picture of their dress to the account and the account posts it so other people know not to get it when ordering dresses.