New Obiwan Kenobi show premieres May 25

Junior Sophia Shad explores the Disney + app to watch the Obiwan Kenobi trailer

Photo by Sean Snyder

Junior Sophia Shad explores the Disney + app to watch the Obiwan Kenobi trailer

On Disney +, the Star Wars expansion series called the Obiwan Kenobi show is set to release on  May 25. This show has high expectations as it goes into detail about the life of one of Star Wars’ most famous characters, Obiwan Kenobi. Students have feelings and predictions on what the show will be about. 

Students have been excited since the trailer was released on Mar. 9. Fans are going to see their favorite character’s life during the early empire era. Fans are also excited about the re-casting of Ewon Megregor, who played Obi-Wan in the first three movies of the trilogy. Junior Andrew Sill said, “My friends and I are big fans of Star Wars and as a result, we are very excited for the Obiwan Kenobi show coming soon.”

There is also some disapproval as fans believe that the show is going to ruin Kenobi’s character. As seen in the most recent Disney Star wars series Boba-Fett, some believe that Disney made his character more “soft” compared to the ruthless cold-blooded killer that he has been portrayed throughout the movies and comics. Due to this, students think there could be a possibility that Obi Wan’s character could be ruined as well. Junior Abraham Labban said, “Although I show some excitement for the series I am very worried about how this is going to affect Kenobi’s character. As seen in the Boba-Fett show they completely stemmed away from the original character as he was shown in the movies. He seemed soft due to Disney’s family-friendly ideals and 

I fear that this show will have the same fate.”

Fans also have a wide range of predictions for the show. With the release of the trailer, students were able to see the main characters in the show including Obiwan, the grand inquisitor, and even Darth Vador. From those viewing this trailer, it sparked predictions of what villains are going to be in the show. The first prediction is that Darth Vador is going to be the main villain as his well-known deep breath plays at the end of the trailer. Senior Dylan Safai, “I think the show is going to be really cool. I think that we are going to get to see a lot of Darth Vader as his heavy breathing was playing at the end of the trailer.”

The second prediction is that the main villain of the show is going to be the grand inquisitor or even just the inquisitors themselves. This is because the majority of the trailer is focused on the grand inquisitor and his speech on how Jedi cannot help themselves in protecting the weak. This idea is also supported by the fact that the next time Obi-Wan and Darth Vader meet after their famous battle on Mustafar is their final battle in episode four on the Death Star.  Junior Kaitlin Mariani, “I am excited to see a lot of the grand inquisitor as he played a big role in one of my favorite shows, Star Wars Rebels.”

These are only a few of the predictions and feelings about the Obiwan series coming this May. As there could be another trailer release for the show, more predictions will be created as the release date gets closer.