JV girls’ lacrosse kicks off season with two scrimmage wins


Photo by Rae Weinstein

The JV lacrosse girls run over to their goalie to congratulate her after a great game.

The JV girls’ lacrosse team has officially started off the season with a bang. There were five days of intense tryouts and over 50 girls came, which made it more difficult for the coaches to make final cuts. “ We had a lot of choices to make, it is always to cut girls and disappoint them but a lot of girls showed up ready to play and some didn’t,” Coach Lauren Zucconi said.

After the week of tryouts and only a few days of practice, the girls beat Northwood in a high scoring game of 10-0 on Mar. 8 following the varsity win of 9-6. 

I think we have a really athletic team and they are learning quickly, but they have a lot of work to do.

— Lauren Zucconi

The team has started off strong but has a long way to go according to Zucconi. Most of the girls are new to lacrosse so they have a lot of learning to do, but so far it seems to be going well. “I think we have a really athletic team and they are learning quickly, but they have a lot of work to do,” Zucconi said.

On Mar. 14 the girls played in their second scrimmage against Rockville. The game started out in Rockville’s favor with them winning the first draw. When the girls got the ball back into their offensive zone, they were fouled inside the eight, earning them a free position. The shot was saved by the Rockville goalie. Finally in the eighth minute of the first half, a goal was scored by sophomore Jenna Heitman.

It was an intense game with back and forth scoring, but in the second half, the girls stopped the Rockville attack and there were great saves made by the goalie, junior Naomi Dunbar.

The girls ended up winning a hard fought game with a score of 4-3 and goals from Heitman, followed by freshman Paige Euler, junior Vivian Pisani and sophomore Hayley Cooper. 

The team has already started bonding and they are excited to continue. “I’m looking forward to getting closer with my teammates and getting better at lacrosse,” freshman Skylar Cohen said.

As much of the team is composed of field hockey and soccer players, the rules are pretty new to the girls on the field, but skills are transferable. The girls have a lot to learn but Zucconi says they are learning fast and is excited to see everything come together throughout the season. The first game is on Tuesday Mar. 22 at Clarksburg at 5:30 p.m.