Bethesda Bagels: worth the dough?


Photo by Maya Seiler

Bethesda Bagels opened its Fallsgrove location on Jan. 21, with close proximity to school.

In addition to its five other locations in the DMV, Bethesda Bagels opened its doors to a Fallsgrove location on Jan. 21 where the gaming merchandise store, GameStop used to be. Students have ‘lox’ to say about the new arrival in the nearby shopping center.

According to the owners on their website, the establishment was introduced to the D.C. Metro area in the early 1980s when the owner, a real estate agent at the time, decided to pay a visit to his friend. The friend said that the bagels in the Georgetown area were not the best quality. This sparked the idea for the family to start selling bagels, which since then has become a booming business.

A lot of people go there after school and it attracts a lot of people, so it is good for popularity and I think they will get a lot of business.”

— Divya Philipose

Since the local chain opened for business, students have stopped by to pick up baked goods. Senior Divya Philipose ordered a breakfast bagel with ham, egg and cheese. Philipose also liked the convenience of the new location. “A lot of people go there after school and it attracts a lot of people, so it is good for popularity and I think they will get a lot of business,” Philipose said.

Customers can purchase bagels and baked goods for catering and can order online. On their menu, there are 24 types of bagels, not including the rainbow bagel that is served on Saturdays and Sundays.  Besides bagels, the bagel store also sells breakfast, egg, classic and signature sandwiches. 

Freshman Anna Lizondo said her family orders bagels by the dozen, including sesame and cinnamon chip bagels. The business sells a range of spreads and 16 types of savory and sweet cream cheese. Lizondo said her family additionally orders plain and chive cream cheese. “I liked the cinnamon chip [bagels] because they are good with cream cheese and with butter, and they are not too sweet. And, they have chocolate chips in them,” Lizondo said. 

With its soaring popularity, the business has sold bagels like hotcakes. Senior Ariana Shariati gave Bethesda Bagels a try. “It was a long line there. It was really busy, but the bagel was really good,” Shariati said. 

The Fallsgrove location operates from Mondays to Sundays from 6:30 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. The location is just a half-hour walk, eight-minute bike ride or six-minute drive from school.