New ‘Scream’ movie brings nostalgic feeling back to franchise


Image used with permission from Google Commons

The official Scream reboot poster shows old and new characters.

“Scream”, the sequel to the 1996 movie with the same name,  hit theaters on Jan. 14. When this movie was announced fans were confused if this was going to be a sequel or reboot, but in fact, this movie is both. You can call this a reboot because it has the same plot as the original, but with a few new characters and set at a later time. You can also call it a sequel because the old characters are taking on the same villain, Ghostface. 

The movie is placed 25 years after the original movie in the same town of Woodsboro, CA. The movie starts off with new character Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) giving a powerful performance full of emotions while running away from Ghostface. Tara’s sister, Sam (Melissa Barrera), returns to town after being gone for five years. Sam reconnects with Tara’s friends and old characters to solve the mystery of who Ghostface is. 

This movie surprised fans as they were expecting another “Scream” movie with the same plot, but this movie has lots of creativity and originality to it. Tara’s friends are all the kids of characters from the previous film, which connects the new generation of “Scream” fans and the old. “This movie really impressed me. Although I was going into this movie without seeing the original, it really surprised me so I  went home and watched the original and understood it even more,” sophomore Anthony Johnson said.

Just like the old movie, Ghostface gives the chilling call to the person he is about to attack. These moments in the movie create a bone-chilling effect for the audience. When you hear that voice of Ghostface you know something is about to go down. “These are the moments I have been looking for as the last three ‘Screams’ have not had the most exciting kills,” sophomore Omar Jobe said. 

The first five minutes already had me engaged with the movie and characters like Tara and Sam impressed me. The only thing I didn’t like about the movie is the jumpscares. They are not as impressive and it feels like he would just show up; it did not have me jump out of my seat as the original did. “I didn’t like the jump scares but overall the plot’s characters, and of course, Ghostface, had me at the edge of my seat. If they were to create another movie I would obviously watch it, but they need to change the plot; it can not be the same thing every time,” sophomore Angel Escobar said. 

“Scream” has a 77% Rotten Tomato score, which is almost as much as the original, which has a Rotten Tomato score of 79%.  “Scream”  has received the same praise as the original, and fans are waiting for more from director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin.