Washington team gets new name: Commanders


Image used with permission from Google Commons

The Commanders logo is a nod to a military commander patch.

After two years of being called the Washington Football Team, the team has finally found a new name to go under, calling themselves the Washington Commanders. Along with the new name, they are also keeping the team colors of burgundy and gold. The new logo is a commander’s patch, along with a W for Washington.

With the removal of the Redskins forever, Washington has been looking for a name that everyone can come behind and support, while making the fans happy and excited to cheer for the new name. For two seasons, the Washington Football team’s name has been a laughing stock in the National Football League (NFL). Now, with the name Commanders, Washington fans are happy for this permanent name.

It may take some getting used to for some people but I think eventually people will love and appreciate the name.”

— Nicole Altman

After 40,000 fan submissions, countless surveys, focus groups, and meetings, Washington finally found the name they wanted to move forward with. People are happy with the new name because of the relevance it has to D.C., instead of just a random thing like an animal. The name honors Washington’s rich military history with a commander being a person in authority over a body of troops in a military operation, as well as a common naval officer rank. ¨I think because of Washington’s military background, the Commanders are a great name for the city to get behind. Although the name Washington Commanders doesn’t roll off the tongue well for me, I think this is one of the best Washington sports team names. It may take some getting used to for some people but I think eventually people will love and appreciate the name,¨ junior Nicole Altman said.

Now that the name has been chosen, fans are wondering how the culture is going to change, such as team colors, the mascot, fight song, and uniforms. The first priority for Washington was that their burgundy and gold colors were not going to change, which is a relief for the fans. However, the famous fight song for Washington in the Redskins days is gone. Fans still want a catchy and fun fight song they can get behind and sing every time Washington scores. 

The Washington organization released the new team uniforms the day the new name was revealed. The look consists of three color uniforms: a burgundy uniform with gold stripes and numbers, a white uniform with burgundy numbers, and a black uniform with gold numbers. Fans seem to love the new uniforms, with the Commanders being the top-selling team at the moment. ¨With all the changes going on in the Washington organization, I can not wait to see what happens next season with the new fight song and mascot. I also am excited to get my own Washington jersey. My personal favorite is the black uniforms because of the black and gold mixture in the uniforms. I can’t wait to see everyone in Commanders’ gear next season,¨ senior Reza Abediyeah said.