Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ flips into new season following pandemic, controversy


Photo courtesy Netflix

Celebrity cheerleader Gabi Butler doing a stunt in Netflix’s Cheer season 2.

Audiences didn’t know what to expect when the trailer for season two of “Cheer” came out on Netflix. However, on Jan. 12 questions were finally answered once the show premiered.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want it to be spoiled.

Fans were excited to see what would happen next for the Navarro College cheerleaders. The last season left us with a Daytona win and a little gist of what some of the main characters were up to after the cheer season ended. We knew we wanted season two, but we didn’t know what they had in store for us. This new season meets expectations while also exceeding some at times within the season.

“Cheer” is a docuseries that follows the ups and downs of Navarro College’s competitive cheer squad as they work to win a coveted national title. It takes place in a small town in Texas called Corsicana where coach Monica Aldama whips her team into shape in hopes of winning their 15th championship. In addition, it goes deep into some of the backgrounds of the cheerleaders all the way from abuse to parents in prison.

In season two, there are some of the original cast, but also the addition of newcomers, like cheerleaders Maddy Brum and Gillian Rupert. Most of the original cast is in the series for the first half of the season, but leaves in the other half due to some of them graduating. Also with the pandemic, when filming started up again, the new class of cheerleaders was introduced.

In addition to the new cast list, the docuseries dives deep into the controversy surrounding cheerleader Jerry Harris and his arrest. In season two, episode six titled, “Jerry,” they go into almost full detail about the serious child pornography allegations against him and everyone’s diverse reactions. The production interviews the victims, their parents and their lawyer. They also give an anticipated update on Jerry’s status and his trial.

The show introduced us to Navarro’s rival school, Trinity Valley Community College, last season and gives them a lot more screen time this season. This season they are constantly switching our attention to them by introducing the main cheerleaders on their team and their coach, as well as their diverse backgrounds. It also goes deeper into the two school’s rivalry and the relationship between the two school’s coaches.

 This season also goes into what happened to the original cast who left and what they are up to. It goes into Aldama’s journey on “Dancing with the Stars” as well as the fallout between the team and La’Darius Marshall. The show even returns to beloved Morgan Simianer and she tells us what she has been doing after graduating and retiring from cheerleading.

I won’t spoil who wins this year, you will have to wait and see. However, season two of Netflix’s “Cheer” has a lot in store for the viewers:. Lots of laughs and drama to look forward to. We can only hope that they get approved for another season soon.