Talking with Principal Intern Bradley Rohner


Photo by Jolie Graham

Principal intern Brad Rohner observes students transitioning between classes in the Commons.

You may see Principal Intern Bradley Rohner in the hallways, in his office and other places around the school. 

Rohner has been an assistant principal here for a year, but started working as the principal intern in July. Rohner grew up in Medford, New Jersey and went to Shawnee High School. He continued his education at Bloomsburg University for his undergraduate degree and finished schooling at the College of New Jersey in order to gain his master’s degree. 

After college, he pursued a teaching career. The first school Rohner taught in was  Cherokee High School in Marlton, New Jersey. He spent three years educating students in world cultures and United States history classes. 

Rohner moved to Maryland and joined the Montgomery County Public Schools community as a social studies resource teacher and then assistant principal. He applied last January 2021 to the MCPS Principal Intern Program. He completed all the requirements for the program to be an intern and was permitted to start his principal internship program during the current school year. 

Wootton High School is a fantastic example of how effective a school can be when students, parents, and staff come together to support our students’ educational growth.”

— Bradley Rohner

Rohner wanted to become a principal intern in order to experience firsthand how an effective principal leads a school. Rohner said Principal Kimberly Boldon has been an excellent mentor and teacher for him. “Wootton High School is a fantastic example of how effective a school can be when students, parents, and staff come together to support our students’ educational growth,” Rohner said.  

As a principal intern, he spends the day talking to students, staff, and parents about the current Coronavirus situation and how we as a school are supporting each other during these difficult times.  “I have seen Mr. Rohner walking around the halls and observing student life. I think it’s important as a principal to know your students,” junior Josie Starr said.

Rohner’s daily routine changes a lot depending on what is happening that day and what needs to get done. The principal internship allows him to learn how to be a productive principal along with guidance from Bolden and other MCPS staff during one school year. “Being new to the position, I think Mr. Rohner is doing a great job balancing everything, especially with all of the issues Montgomery County is currently handling,” sophomore Justin Karis said. 

After one year of interning as a principal, some principal interns apply to be a principal the following year, while others return to being an assistant principal. Rohner’s internship ends towards the end of June. After his principal internship is over, he will revert back to his assistant principal position. He said he loves being an assistant principal, and he looks forward to continuing that position in the future.