Danielle’s guide to quarantining


Photo courtesy Ruth Dai

Junior Ruth Dai spends her quarantine resting in bed.

If you have Covid, or are bored in quarantine and need ideas on what to do, keep reading for this top 10 list:

  1. Deep clean your room. Even if your room looks clean, everyone has random junk piles under their bed or old homework shoved in a desk. This is the perfect time to go through each drawer and cabinet and get rid of old trash. “I made sure that my room stayed very clean because I wanted to be quarantined in a nice environment,” junior Gillian Berman said.
  2. Play learning games. Whether this is doing crossword puzzles, or playing 2048, it’s good to keep your mind active throughout the day.
  3. Read a book. Since New Year’s just passed, one of the most popular promises people make to themselves is to read more. This will help you reach that goal and you can do it from bed if you don’t feel well. “I was able to set time aside to finish my book A Thousand Splendid Suns by reading it each night before going to bed,” junior Ruth Dai said.
  4. Reach out to distant friends and family. Is there a cousin or friend from a few summers ago who you’ve been meaning to check up on? Now is the perfect time to reach out and stay in contact with friends virtually. “Each day I was able to spend hours facetiming my friends in quarantine and we were able to talk about our symptoms,” Dai said.
  5. Start a new TV series. Fresh shows can be found on streaming services such as Netflix, HBO and Disney plus. “During my quarantine, I passed time by watching all of ‘Big Bang Theory,’ which is now my favorite show,” Berman said.
  6. Deep clean your closet. It has officially started to get snowy out and summer shorts from four years ago are taking up too much space in your closet. Added bonus: it’s a great time to be donating to those in need.
  7. Do artwork. You can work on your drawing or painting skills, or for more routine art you can print out coloring books or purchase “Diamond dots.”
  8. Take Buzzfeed quizzes. Buzzfeed quizzes help the time pass by and there are hundreds to choose from.
  9. Watch movies. This will help the time go by faster and is a good distraction for the day. Series such as Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter are perfect for binging.

 Play video games. Video games offer time to stay in touch with friends and gain new skills. “While in quarantine, my friends and I spent a lot of our time playing video games. My favorite one was Fortnite because it was my first time playing it in a while,” junior Miranda Saenger said.