Best books to read right now


Photo by Charlotte Christovich

Senior Charlotte Christovich and her current read.

If you are looking for a new book to read, your fellow students have all types of recommendations. Here is a guide to which books are worth checking out.

I thought it was written very well. The time jumps and the multiple character perspectives really added to plot development.”

— Lily King

One popular book is It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. This novel tells a drama filled story that combines love, abuse and heartbreak. There are twists and turns that make it difficult to put down. Sophomore Lily King finished it in the span of a day. “I thought it was written very well. The time jumps and the multiple character perspectives really added to plot development,” King said.

If you are looking for a memoir, Tara Westover’s Educated is the one to read. This memoir is beautifully written and captivating. It tells an impactful and moving story that is excellently narrated. “It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Tara’s story wowed me and I couldn’t put it down. I think it’s a must read for everybody,” senior Allie Gritz said.

The classic novel, The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath captures the raw and honest downturn of the main character, Esther Greenwood. This book goes deep into topics such as mental illness and human interactions. This story explores realistic relationships and development of the main character. Senior Olivia Kim felt touched by this read. “I thought that it was a really illuminating look on mental illness. I love reading books with little to no plot and unlikeable narrators, and this book was definitely for me. It was surprisingly heartfelt at the end, and I really loved reading it,” Kim said.

If you are looking for a fun read, the author Emily Henry has a variety of novels focusing on romance that allow the reader to escape into the light and fun alternate reality. One of her popular books, People We Meet On Vacation, is the perfect getaway. It is easy to read and includes a funny female lead. The characters are relatable and the vacations described make the reader want to be there themself. 

Another touching book is Normal People by Sally Rooney. It tells the story of two teenagers and follows them as they figure out adulthood. Rooney creates a complex relationship, making the reader need to know how the story will end. It takes a realistic approach to growing up, as well as includes themes of communication, friendship and love. This book has a distinct and unique writing style that sets it apart from other fictional stories. 

All these books are definitely worth the read. They explore a variety of topics that dive deep into topics we might not know much about otherwise. They are all entertaining reads and will leave you wanting to read more.