Harry Potter is back for highly-anticipated reunion

The cast on the set of the Harry Potter Reunion.

Photo used with permission from Google Commons

The cast on the set of the Harry Potter Reunion.

Fans may find it hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the first Harry Potter movie. While those fans are thrilled for the reunion show on HBO Max, it is something everyone should watch. “It’s great to see the cast back together, it was overall very funny and nostalgic,” junior Eli Bull said.

Like you would expect, the reunion has a lot of tear-jerking moments. According to the Metro website, “The reunion shows them shedding tears together, comforting each other, opening up about memories for the first time and expressing how much they care for one another, despite not seeing each other on a regular basis.”

It starts off in its own special way with the cast members receiving their own Hogwarts letter. According to the Hollywood Report, “The opening minutes find various Harry Potter stars gasping with theatrical delight as they stumble upon invitations to the reunion, styled after the one that first brought Harry into this universe. A shot of Daniel Radcliffe walking down Diagon Alley en route to meet director Chris Columbus feels, for a moment, like a glimpse of Harry all grown up.”

It’s crazy to think about, considering I grew up with Harry Potter; it’s surprising how something stays relevant for so long.”

— Eli Bull

The special plays with viewer’s emotions as they realize all the time that has passed since the first movie. “It’s crazy to think about, considering I grew up with Harry Potter; it’s surprising how something stays relevant for so long,” Bull said.

The special gets viewers thinking about their favorite moment from all of Harry Potter. “I would have to say the scene when Harry confronts the Basilisk, the way it was executed was amazing and considering how most of the battles are fought with magic, it makes that battle unique,” Bull said.

Fans also get to hear about how different it was in the third movie than the first movie. According to the Hindusration Times website, “When the Harry Potter films began filming, the three main cast members – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint – were pre-teens. So, it’s no wonder that some of the early directors in the franchise treated them like kids. In the 20th anniversary special Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts, the cast member revealed what happened when director Alfonso Cuaron actually assigned them homework on the sets of the third film.”

The reunion is something you should watch because you can learn things that you never knew. For example, Evening Standard wrote that “Emma Watson admits she didn’t want to return to the franchise after the Goblet of Fire; Rupert Grint saying he blacked out when Watson had to kiss him in Deathly Hallows Pt. 2; or Daniel Radcliffe telling Helena Bonham Carter he wished he was 10 years older for her.”

The reunion is special because of the memories it evokes. “Return to Hogwarts takes a roughly chronological walk down memory lane, augmenting present-day interviews with the filmmakers and performers about each film with behind-the-scenes footage and film clips. Many of the anecdotes presented will be ones that Harry Potter fans will have heard many times before, like the one about Grint making a very Ron choice to shirk a homework assignment from Alfonso Cuarón,” per the Hollywood Report.