What’s‌ ‌Underway‌ ‌in‌ ‌SGA:‌ ‌New‌ ‌year,‌ ‌new‌ ‌projects‌


Photo by Nico DePalma

Students enjoy a competitive game of musical chairs in the Commons on Oct. 29. The SGA often utilizes space in the Commons for activities and displays related to its yearly projects.

As the new year begins, the SGA has broken into different committees to plan for its winter and spring projects, two events it holds each school year to boost student spirit and raise awareness of important local, national and international topics.

The SGA has big plans in store for its spring project, set to take place the week of Mar. 14. Every year, the SGA looks to bring to the forefront of students’ attention important worldly and personal issues, with the hope that they will put key takeaways to use in their own lives.

A typical spring project begins early with a brainstorming process. “There’s always a period in time during the beginning of January where the whole class is always in a frenzy trying to decide the topic for the spring project, the committees that need to be made, what needs to be approved by administration and what has to be done before we even start planning,” senior and SGA Co-President Maya Chelar said.

Once the SGA has a clear vision for the project, it splits into committees to more efficiently complete the work necessary to bring the project to fruition. Each committee is responsible for a different task during the week of the project, working together to ensure everything is properly executed.

Chelar helped plan two past spring projects, one that couldn’t take place due to the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. This year’s is her third. “Although it is a little stressful at times, seeing how hardworking and dedicated the rest of the members in the SGA are to making sure that the spring project is the best that it can be helps to relieve some of the stress. Along with this, I’m also excited to take some time to communicate with the Wootton community about the topic of our spring project. I can’t wait to see what they think,” Chelar said.

A lot of people were reminded of the wildlife the Earth takes care of and hopefully from watching, wanted to help make sure all these animals are taken care of.

— Ramya Shankar

Last year, the SGA’s spring project theme was environmental protection and sustainability. Though it had to remain virtual, part of the project included a webinar event where students saw different exotic animals. “The event did have a good impact on students,” junior Ramya Shankar said. “A lot of people were reminded of the wildlife the Earth takes care of and hopefully from watching, wanted to help make sure all these animals are taken care of.”

As plans are set into motion for spring, the SGA continues working to boost spirit by organizing a smaller winter project, offering students an opportunity to have fun while supporting a good cause. Two years ago, the SGA hosted its Best Ballers basketball tournament in collaboration with the Best Buddies club. This year, it anticipates hosting a Family Feud-style game show after school.

The winter project committee hopes to ensure the event is as appealing and fun for students as possible. “We have to work with admin to make sure we’re allowed to do everything, but there’s a lot of student involvement, because we want to make sure that what we’re doing is fun for everyone and everyone wants to be involved. It’s a lot of talking to students and getting ideas from them, and a lot of being creative,” junior and SGA member Jess Winson said.

In the midst of the stress and confusion caused by the return to in-person learning, Winson’s main goal is for students to have fun. “I just think it’s a good way for everyone to have fun and bring back the excitement of coming to school, just giving something for kids to look forward to that’s not a day off. It’s bringing everyone together and healthy competition that will be fun for everyone,” Winson said.