No more giving school work to students on weekends


Photo by Jake Dolan

Senior Nideesh Shanmugam Bhuvaneswari uses his lunch period on Jan. 5 to study for his upcoming AP Calculus AB test.

After five, roughly seven-hour-long school days, on top of the time it takes to complete homework, students are left feeling exhausted and looking forward to the weekend. But when they get there, a problem arises: they have to do even more homework. Students should not get any homework on weekends. They should instead be able to do other fun activities and not have to worry about school. They deserve a stress-free weekend after a stress-filled week.

It could be viewed that students should have homework on weekends so that they don’t forget what they learned over the weekend, or to prepare them for what they will learn when they come back. Teachers may also argue that if the students don’t get homework on weekends it would mean extra homework on weekdays.

Sure these are good points and true in some scenarios, but there are other ways to solve this problem that don’t include homework on weekends. For example, teachers could review quickly at the start of class. Memory works in a way that once you learn something it’ll still be in your brain, it just needs to be brought back out. This is a better method because students deserve to get their full break on the weekend.

It’s OK for teachers to assign work that students may have to finish over the weekend if they didn’t finish in the time they were originally given, but they should not assign homework on Friday that is due Monday. Additionally, if homework on weekends is potentially exhausting the mental health of students and stressing them out then it should be eliminated.

Often it’s said how kids used to enjoy school and would want to go, but as they got older, they didn’t feel the same way. Of course, they may feel this way because classes are harder, but a bigger reason is the amount of homework they have to do. On weekdays it’s understandable, but on weekends it is not, as they are supposed to be the two days students get off from school.

On average, students get at least three to four hours worth of homework on each school night. Students work hard enough on school days and school nights that they deserve two days where they don’t have to think about school, unless they have a test or quiz the next day.

Purposefully giving work for Friday night or the weekend should not be allowed as it’s unfair and students do not deserve it. Students deserve no homework weekends for all the hard work they put into their classes and assignments during the week. Teachers especially know how hard their students work since they are the ones who assign the work. Teachers may be working over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean students deserve to do the same.