School spirit declines when senior class graduates


As classes graduate and new freshmen enter high school, does the spirit and desire to have a strong and passionate class decrease?
Spirit week participation has decreased as not as many people care enough to show a little bit of spunk to support their class. Fundraising has taken a hit for the underclassmen because not enough people are interested in helping their class. The underclassmen are also having a hard time planning fundraisers efficiently. School spirit has seen a major deficiency which means the underclassmen must begin fundraising to set the stage for the future classes to turn this trend around.
Incoming classes attempt to raise money quickly to set the stage for the next four years. Groups are created through different social media sites like the sophomore class of 2019 information that allow all of the members interested in participating to communicate and discuss fundraising. Each class has a sponsor to help plan certain events and host meetings that are sometimes at lunch and sometimes after school.
The sophomore class sponsor is English teacher Sarah Debnam who allows the sophomore class to hold meetings in her room during lunch and after school. Students who participate in planning events also help prepare for homecoming by making the floats and designing the hallway designated for each grade. On Fridays, students wear certain colors to support a sports team when they have an important game. Students continue to work together to raise money in order to be able to host events that give the students of each class a good time.
But, these underclassmen and their fundraising groups have not raised near as much money as the upperclassmen. Different social media groups are the source for students to get the word around about fundraisers and such, but because the underclassmen are not able to plan fundraisers efficiently, they can’t get the word around quickly enough. Although every class completed their homecoming float, it was a struggle to complete the float and add details as well as completing the hallway. The sophomore class was able to put together their float and hallway last minute but they were far too close to disaster.
Even though the class spirit has not disappeared in the underclassmen, if this trend continues, incoming classes will have less and less class spirit that can even result in certain school events being canceled due to the amount of fundraising to provide money for these events.
Upperclassmen who are disappointed with the spirit that the incoming classes come with believe that this trend will continue but this lack of school spirit could change.
If students who are nominated into leadership positions can all recruit others to participate then more money can be raised and there can be more spirit around the halls. When the sponsors allow meetings to be held in their rooms, the council can gather students interested in helping the class raise money. Also if each class works together to plan spirit week, then more people will know about it and can show their Wootton colors and bring spirit back.

Justin Fishman

Staff Writer