Silk Sonic album tops charts, impresses fans


Photo used with permission from Wiki Commons

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, lead singers of Silk Sonic.

On Sept. 12, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, known as Silk Sonic, released their debut album “An Evening With Silk Sonic.” Paak brings back a vintage feel to all of their songs. The album has a short tracklist of nine songs. 

Bruno Mars, who is a 10-time Grammy winner and has been established as a pop and R&B great, announced his new group Silk Sonic on Feb. 26. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak released their hit single “Leave the Door Open” on March 15, which topped the billboard top 100, reaching the number one spot. 

The album debuted at number two in the first week and has had over 80 million streams. My favorite song on the album is “Fly As Me” because of the different instruments in the background, also the song is only three minutes and 40 seconds long, which is the perfect length. “The Silk Sonic album is very short, but all the songs have been produced beautifully. The duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak amazed me as I listened to both of them a lot,” sophomore Angel Escobar said. 

My top five songs in the album are “Fly As Me” at number one, “Smokin’ out the window” at number two, “Leave the door open” at three, “777” at number 4, and “After last night” at number five.  Silk Sonic is versatile; with every song, they have a different instrument and a different flow.

Currently, Bruno Mars is doing a few shows, but Silk Sonic as a group has not announced an official tour yet. Silk Sonic will likely release its tour dates in early 2022. “I grew up listening to Bruno Mars and to see him form a supergroup made me even more excited for when he drops music,” sophomore Kasra Dokhaee said 

The album only has two features coming from Thundercat and Bootsy Collins. I appreciate how the album is not overloaded with unnecessary features, allowing us to get more from Silk Sonic. 

The album cover also impresses the audience. It is a basic photo of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, but has that vintage feel. Bruno Mars has been known to have creative album covers; his first studio album Doo-Wops and Hooligans and his third studio album 24k Magic are prime examples of this.

I listen to a lot of rap and pop, but when I listened to this album it got me into R&B music. The transitions from one song to another are great. You go from a fast up-tempo song like “Fly As Me” to a soulful and slow love song like “After Last Night.” “The intro really got me hooked onto the albums and the different vibes to each song made it an album I would definitely listen to again,” sophomore Anthony Johnson said. 

I would give this album a strong 9 out of 10 because it balances out well; there is only one song that I do not like. The song “Skate” just doesn’t impress me as it feels generic, unlike all the other songs on the album.  

Silk Sonic has shown how versatile they are with this new album and have given me reasons why I should listen to them more. Whenever they come to DC I will definitely be in line to buy tickets.