Students have mixed feelings about homecoming; different from past years


Photo courtesy Dylan Safai

Students attend the homecoming dance on the stadium field.

This year’s homecoming stirred up mixed reactions after being the first dance in two years. On Oct. 16 the school had its decades-inspired homecoming dance for students in the stadium to celebrate the varsity football team’s win against Whitman 35 – 0. 

Students agreed that homecoming was the highlight of the month. “Homecoming made me have something to look forward to and have fun in formal attire,” sophomore Samahith Prasanna said.

The homecoming dance incorporated outdoor activities including corn hole and spikeball. “I found it enjoyable to a certain level, since it was outside it wasn’t as fun. I guess if there were more games and group activities it might’ve been more fun,” freshman Rebecca Gao said.

It was a nice experience to take pictures with friends.”

— Maddy O'Halloran

The memory-making aspect was a significant cause for high attendance for sophomores and freshmen as this year was their first homecoming experience. “It was a nice experience to take pictures with friends,” junior Maddy O’Halloran said. 

From spirit week to food and dancing, homecoming had activities for everyone to enjoy. “The best part of the night was the food because it was free. I also enjoyed hoco spirit week because it gives people the ability to express school spirit,” freshman Jared Edwards said.

There were high expectations for homecoming this year from sophomores and freshmen. However, they were not met for everyone. “I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed but I expected a little better but since it’s Covid you know what, it’ll have to do,” Gao said.

Edwards had a similar reaction. “I was excited, I was somewhat disappointed. I heard upperclassmen talk about and share their experience from it. So I was kind of prepared,” Edwards said.

However this homecoming will not deter them from attending future homecomings. “I would attend hoco again because my other friends attended it,” Edwards said.

The first homecoming game was played by University of Minnesota vs. University of Wisconsin in 1914, their first football game of the season. It was created to unite past alumni and students through school pride and as a reason to have correlating dances, pep rallies and parades. 

Homecoming has evolved and adapted to the times to become a part of almost every high school experience. We have come so far from the school’s first homecoming dance, the same year it was founded in 1970. This year’s dance was a unique experience from past years and none of it would have been possible without the hard work of the SGA.