Students with jobs often struggle to find balance between school, work


Photo courtesy Devon Graham

Senior Devon Graham takes a swing during his shift at Falls Road Golf Course, where he works, on Oct. 12.

High school students often want jobs, but struggle finding one that can fit in with a student’s schedule and workload. Senior Ryan Binder worked at the United States Naval Academy over the summer as an intern in the Computer and Electrical Engineering Department. This job prepared him for what he would love to do in the future at the Naval Academy and past that. 

Getting my work done can be difficult, but that just means staying up later to finish homework or doing as much work in school as possible.”

— Sivan Gil

Not all high school students have time for jobs though, especially in the school year with the work assigned throughout the seven-class per day schedule. Sophomore Sivan Gil works at a daycare. Gil was not meeting the recommended sleep for a teenager, seven to nine hours. She was instead receiving closer to six hours, which was only if her schoolwork was completed in school. “Getting my work done can be difficult, but that just means staying up later to finish homework or doing as much work in school as possible,” Gil said.

Gil said that the people she knows who have jobs are in a similar situation. It is possible to get school work done, but a student must be willing to work hard and late at night to complete the work assigned.Binder found the interview for his job at the Naval Academy online. He received about six to seven hours of sleep every night to wake up at 6 a.m. to avoid rush hour traffic. Binder received benefits with his job. “There are numerous career and networking benefits, but no monetary ones. However, I did receive access to Naval Academy facilities like their weight rooms and track,” Binder said.

At this job, Binder worked on ransomware research and a classification project. His role was to install different ransomware, see how the ransomware reacted to selected variables, and observe Windows Defender’s reaction to the ransomware. Binder received “very decent” pay and the experience he received was invaluable. However, almost all of his money went toward filling his gas tank up twice a week. Binder also bought food often on the way to and from work. 

Senior Devon Graham works at Falls Road Golf Course. He discovered this job as he was golfing and his eyes caught a sign that read “hiring now.” Graham has had this job for a little over three months and gets “excellent” pay for a high school student. He also gets numerous benefits. “I get a lot of benefits with unlimited range balls and half off of all merchandise, along with this job including free golf during the week,” Graham said.Graham said that for him, school work is not an extra load because of work. Graham’s boss is flexible with his work hours. Graham adjusts his schedule so he can get his school work done.