What is Wootton wearing this fall?


Photo courtesy Olivia Kim

Senior Olivia Kim models a fall-influenced outfit.

Sweatpants and fuzzy socks reigned over the virtual learning world. Sweatsuits and pajama sets took over everyone’s closets, especially those of students. However, after a year of loungewear, this autumn marks a new era of fashion. New trends are emerging throughout cities as people begin to populate the streets again. Pleated skirts, leather blazers, dad sneakers and more exciting new trends are taking back their rightful place in students’ wardrobes as we enter into fashion’s favorite season.  

My essential pieces are layered gold jewelry, my black mini skirt, and my platform oxfords.”

— Olivia Kim

Avoid the morning struggle of putting together an outfit when you have “nothing to wear” with a few staple pieces. The basic white tee and jeans combination is widely used, but students here have unique ideas for their fall essentials. “My essential pieces are layered gold jewelry, my black mini skirt, and my platform oxfords,” senior Olivia Kim said.   

Even though it is almost 2022, the fashion that ruled the ‘90s has returned as students’ fall essentials. Wide-leg jeans, platforms and plaid skirts are only some of the pieces that appear at school this fall. “This fall, I will definitely be wearing any form of platform shoes and as many sweaters and flared pants as I can,” senior Karina Hafeez said.

Since the chilly weather is setting in, it’s time to pull out those coats stuffed in the back of your wardrobe. A jacket that compliments your outfit is crucial; it’s your first impression when you walk into a room. This fall, students’ staples include such statement coats, from trenches and blazers to denim and puffers. “My fall staple is definitely my black corduroy jacket,” Kim said. 

Layering is another popular way to stay warm this season. Whether it be layering collared shirts under crew necks or sweater vests over turtlenecks, this trend is one of students’ favorite ways to build an outfit. “Layering can really help pull an outfit together, but use thinner items to avoid a clunky and awkward look,” freshman Neil Kotval said.

Essentials are timeless, but the new fall trends are just as exciting. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf or Serena Van der Woodson with vest tops and cable knits paired with relaxed trousers and New Balance 530’s for a preppy yet laid back aesthetic. Zara and Aritzia are not only perfect for this look but are high quality as well. 

Students at school are now thrifting to find vintage and affordable pieces for this fall. “I’m a huge fan of thrifting. It’s such a great way to find unique pieces while being environmentally conscious,” Hafeez said. 

In the end, fashion is a form of expression. The clothes and accessories students wear mirror their personality and character.