New club focused on teaching students crypto currency


Image used with permission from App store

The Crypto Club app was created by club president Tyler Cosgrove.

The Crypto Club was started this year at the school by junior co-presidents’ Luke Danielian and Tyler Cosgrove. The club aims to teach participants about crypto currency using an interactive experience with virtual money. 

Since the release of crypto currencies in 2009, they have been becoming more popular by the year. Although lots of people may have heard of major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, there is a major lack of knowledge about what crypto currency even is. “I wanted to start this club because I got into investing in crypto the past couple of years, and I felt I should spread my knowledge,” Danielian said. 

I spent over 20 hours  [developing] my app, and I’m very proud about it.

— Tyler Cosgrove

An important aspect of the club is the interactive experience. Cosgrove personally created an app from scratch in order to obtain this aspect. “I spent over 20 hours  [developing] my app, and I’m very proud about it,” Cosgrove said.

The app is entitled “Crypto Club: Learn Crypto” on the IOS app store. It currently has a five star rating, being mainly used by the club members. Using the app, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with virtual money and no risk. Junior Abraham Labban had a vital role in the creation of the app, creating the logo and in-app designs. “I think the app is very important to the club because it fully simulates the crypto market,” Labban said. 

Another important feature of the app is the community experience. On the app you can add people as friends, join groups and look at the leaderboard to see how your peers are doing with their virtual money. “I like the group section of the app because I am very competitive and like to see how I shape compared to my friends,” Labban said. 

The club has monthly meetings where they recap what happened in crypto that month. “For every meeting we will reward the person who gained the most money that month with a doughnut. We will keep track of everyone’s improvement with the app,” Danielian said.

Although the app is intended for club members, anyone on IOS can get the app and test their investing skills. “Anyone is welcome to use the app, and I intend on extending its use to people outside of Wootton,” Cosgrove said. 

Investing in crypto currency is a hobby and revenue source for multiple generations. “My dad has been investing into crypto for longer than I have, and he has been teaching me everything he knew from the beginning. I used his knowledge and research I’ve done myself to invest both virtually on the app, and in real life,” Danielian said. 

Everyone gets $15,000 to start on the app. The current leader is Labban with $65,787 at a 338.58% increase. “I got very lucky by investing in a coin that increased by 300% in one hour. That’s the thing about crypto, it is random and risky, but it can be very rewarding,” Labban said.