UMD, Towson among most common colleges


Gwen Klein

Applications and essays: This is the process that high school students go through applying to colleges. Then comes the wait, and finally the mail arrives – a letter from your top college choice is in your mailbox. It’s the moment of truth, this will decide your future. You are nervous. A bead of sweat runs down the back of your neck. You move your fingers and open up the letter and begin to read. You got in! All your hard work has payed off. You are going to college!

Whether you are a sophomore, junior, or senior, college is typically the hopeful outcome of every high schooler’s career, and most students strive to get into their school of choice.

According to an article from the New York Times “in October of 2013, only 65.9 percent of people who graduated from high school enroll in college.”

In our school 98 percent of our students enroll in college, College and Career Information Coordinator, Lynda Hitchcock said. This observation tells us that students in our school work hard to get into college.

Hitchcock said that the top colleges that students from our school enroll in are University of Maryland, (College Park), University of Maryland, (Baltimore County), Montgomery College, Towson University, and Pennsylvania State University. It is believed that students enroll in Maryland and Towson more often because these schools are local and they significantly cheaper tuition compared to out of state schools. In the case of Montgomery College, students often enroll because it is a community college and has open enrollment. According to Naviance,“1,859 students enrolled in both University of Maryland, College Park and Baltimore County, 616 students enrolled in Montgomery College, 170 enrolled in Towson University, and 168 to Penn State” in 2005-2016 from this school.

University of Maryland’s popularity translates over to the students of this school as Sophomore Brian Zelvy said “It is a very low tuition since students are in state, and it is easily accessible and close to home,” while Junior James Lee said,“Maryland is the most popular school to enroll in because it is a good school and the average scores are some of the top in the United States.”

Adam Friedman

Staff Writer