Crystals make waves in spiritual world

Carnelian is used to bring warmth and joy into ones life.

Photo used with permission from Google Creative Commons

Carnelian is used to bring warmth and joy into one’s life.

Crystals are stones that have high vibrations and connect to our seven chakras. Each crystal is slightly different and can help open chakras, boost confidence, and even help connect you to the spiritual realm and raise your intuition. Skye Reese, a student at the University of Maryland, said that crystals are “an energy source.”

Depending on each person, someone might think they could use a little extra help in being more productive so they might get a bloodstone crystal or another person might need to feel more optimistic and get carnelian. “At least placebo would take place even if it’s not the crystal itself,” freshman Elizabeth Zhu said.

Students who want to pick out a crystal might find themselves struggling with which one to pick out. Many crystals have similar properties so it may be confusing to know as to which crystal is the one for them. Zhu said, “It’s best for someone to get a crystal they resonate with. If you’re a person who has poor self esteem, you should go for rose quartz because it boosts that.”

I was trying to get into spirituality and manifestation.”

— Elizabeth Zhu

Those who work with crystals often make manifestations. Manifesting is when you physically materialize your beliefs, such as believing if you are smart or not, as these thoughts would reflect reality. “I was trying to get into spirituality and manifestation,” Zhu said about buying her first crystals. 

When you first get a crystal, there are some things you must do before using it. It may have been in a place where there were negative energies and must be cleansed. There are multiple ways to cleanse a crystal. “Depending on the crystal, there are different methods. For certain crystals you can cleanse or charge them in the sun or moon. You can put them in salt or you can also put them in a bowl of water,” Zhu said. 

Not everyone is expected to believe in the energy of crystals. Some think it’s too good to be true. For those who aren’t sure whether to believe in crystals or not, Reese said, “It’s a mindset.”

There are times when it feels like a crystal isn’t benefiting you in any way. Looking at other people who also own crystals and are benefiting from them might make it feel like you’re doing something wrong. “It doesn’t always do the same thing for everyone so just because something happens to one person doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you. You have to know what you’re asking for and be open to receiving it,” freshman Samara Reese said.

It is important to get your crystal from a reliable source. Many people sell fake crystals. There are stores that specifically sell crystals or the online store Etsy mostly has credible sellers (make sure to read reviews). “I recommend ilovelotus on Etsy,” Zhu said.

Crystals prove to be a beneficial source of energy for students. They helped promote positivity and good mindsets. “It’s helped my mindset and my energy become clear and clean,” Reese said.