Band student Sara Bock strives to go to Julliard


Photo courtesy Sara Bock

Junior Sara Bock warms up her clarinet before a performance.

Waking up, going to school until 2:30, immediately followed by five hours of music rehearsals, is a daily routine for junior Sara Bock.

Bock is the first chair of the Maryland Senior All State Band and holds the title of one of four students in the world participating in the Curtis Institute of Music clarinet mentorship program with clarinet professionals. The Curtis Institute of Music is the most competitive music school in the world, with a 4% acceptance rate. On top of all of that Bock has more titles. Bock said, “I was one of nine kids picked in the world for a clarinet workshop at Boston University’s Tanglewood Institute, I am principal clarinet of the Young Artists of America Orchestra and have been involved in many bands and orchestras throughout my music journey.”

An example of Bock’s schedule follows:  7:45-2:30 p.m.: school + two band classes, 3 – 4 p.m.: studying music history and theory, 4-6 p.m.: practice clarinet/piano, 7-9 p.m.: orchestra rehearsal, and 9 – 12: homework. In all that is about six and a half hours a day leading to 32.5 hours a week of music. When an audition is coming up, she spends even more time practicing. 

Playing with the people that I love, and the fact that we are basically just a big family.”

— Sara Bock

Bock’s main instrument is clarinet, but she plays percussion, piano and saxophone as well. Bock’s favorite thing about band is community. Bock said, “Playing with the people that I love, and the fact that we are basically just a big family” is the best part.

Playing an instrument can be hectic, especially when getting scouted by highly prestigious schools.  She has been scouted by the Manhattan School of Music, Boston University University of Maryland, the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Drexel’s College of Arts, Bard College, and the Los Angeles College of Music. Although she gets scouted by many schools, Bock aspires to go to Julliard School of Music in New York City.

Bock’s favorite thing about playing an instrument is that she can create her own sound. Bock said, “I make my own type of art. Just like other famous artists in history have their own style of painting, like Michelangelo and da Vinci, I have my own style of music, and I am the only one who can decide how I want my future as a musician to be, and to sound.”

Each week Bock holds a tradition of zooming with her grandparents and playing her grandpa both his and her favorite song. She plays him “Rhapsody in Blue,” by George Gershwin. This is a meaningful tradition that she will continue for as long as she can.

She has won many awards. Bock said, “I’ve received recognition for the groups that I have performed with, and I have also had the honor of composing for Wootton, competing in local and regional solo and ensemble festivals, and being nominated by the state of Maryland to audition for programs at Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House.” 

In addition to this, Bock has been able to work with esteemed professionals from universities all around the country. Working hard every day sparks new opportunities for Bock. She hopes to continue music, aspiring to someday have a career related to music. Bock said, “I want to perform on Broadway,  and I might want to be a music professor but it all depends on where my life takes me.”