Sophomore planning focused on raising spirit, funds for class of 2024


Photo courtesy Nico D'Orazio

Sophomores adorn the courtyard with ’50s decorations in preparation for homecoming.

The class of 2024 planning committee is a group of sophomores dedicated to uniting the grade, raising money and planning various events. All sophomores are urged to join and get involved with their class. “We believe that anyone would be great for the planning committee,” Vice President Aakash Palathra said. 

The sophomore planning committee sponsor, Tamara Hounshell, is involved with the club and club members. “I was told it was a good way to get involved with students,” Hounshell said. Being a new teacher, the planning committee community helped her “support students outside of the classroom,” she said.

The committee is in charge of planning events and raising money to fund future events unique to the class of 2024. This year the club is focusing on raising money for next year’s junior banquet as well as prom for senior year. Because of the online learning school year, the sophomore class missed out on an entire year of fundraising events and is pushing for extra participation and school spirit.

I highly recommend joining this club because it’s low maintenance but still effective.”

— Lizzie Misozek

The committee board takes into account the busy schedules students have and usually holds meetings one Tuesday a month, during lunch in room 141. However, Palathra said when the club has more to do, such as get ready for the upcoming Putting on the Hits (POTH) event, the club holds more frequent meetings to better prepare.“I highly recommend joining this club because it’s low maintenance but still effective,” sophomore Lizzie Misovec, a member of the club, said.

The planning committee was recently in charge of decorating the sophomore float and courtyard for homecoming. President Kelly Ren said she is happy an abundance of sophomores came to help decorate and she felt a sense of community. “It was so much fun, time flew by and I met so many new people. I felt like I was part of something,” Misovec sai

One of the main events on the club’s calendar, The POTH event, is coming up. For POTH, each grade puts together and performs their own dance routine. Ren is looking forward to seeing her classmates participate in the meetings and practices prior to the performance. It isn’t too late to join; the only requirement is to be a sophomore.

The planning committee not only focuses on their planned events, but prioritizes uniting the students in the class of 2024. Due to last school year’s distance learning, the class of 2024 was affected by the lack of opportunities to meet their new classmates in person. “Some main goals I carried into this year are bringing back school spirit and bonding our class,” Ren said.

The club’s main responsibilities currently are getting more sophomores to join, preparing for POTH, and working on fundraising. Any participation is encouraged and appreciated. “We could always use more people,” Hounshell said.