Paper Bridges pens support to children globally


Photo by Carrie Wang

Seniors Katelyn Cheng and Olivia Smith attend a Paper Bridges club meeting in November 2019.

The school’s Paper Bridges chapter sends letters and care packages to children around the world who are going through substantial issues. 

The club gives support to these children in different ways, like letters, emotional support, care packages and tutoring. Vulnerable youth, orphans and troubled kids are given these packages to help them feel happier. These children go through plenty, such as natural disasters, medical issues and the foster care system. 

The mission to me means that we can make a difference to the people we are writing letters to and help make their day a little better.”

— Kelly Ren

Sophomore Kelly Ren, the social outreach coordinator of the club, enjoys helping impact struggling young children. “The mission to me means that we can make a difference to the people we are writing letters to and help make their day a little better,” Ren said.

Started three years ago, Paper Bridges has made an impact on the school. It has gotten students involved in the program and encourages them to reach out, communicate and learn leadership skills. Club sponsor Madelaine Osgood said she enjoys seeing students so excited about this club. “It’s just wonderful watching the kids take charge, watching them organize, watching them be interested in these things. I want to watch them use that passion and take charge,” Osgood said.

Students have learned important skills while being a part of this club. They learn writing skills and reach out to kids who may not have the same resources as others.

Students enjoy the chance to communicate and talk with others, like sophomore Julia Messing. “It’s a great way to have the opportunity to talk to others and get to know them even if they are not from the same background,” Messing said.

The club meets once a month to write the letters. Students have learned about life across the world, along with different cultures. Messing said she enjoys writing letters and feels she has learned through hands-on experience by talking to others. “I got involved in Paper Bridges because I really liked the cause behind it and I thought that writing letters to people across the world was a great way to get to know different cultures and I really enjoyed it,” Messing said.

Students write letters including their name, how their day is going or the weather. Messing said she enjoys taking the time to write a letter and thought that it was fun to interact with someone who had a different history. 

Sophomore Jessica Chen, vice president of the club, agrees. “I’m really happy to be VP because I get to be involved in supporting orphans all over the world, making sure they feel loved. I’m sure they are grateful and love receiving these letters and getting all this support from students,” Chen said.