Next gen NBA 2K is the better game


Image used with permission from 2K

Players compete in games and participate in other quests in the new game city.

For the second year in a row, NBA 2k released two different games for the next gen and current gen Xbox and Playstation consoles, with the next gen 2k having a clear advantage. 

Before the past two years, NBA 2k released one singular game for the Xbox one and Playstation four. When the new Xbox series x and Playstation five released, NBA 2k took advantage of the new technology by releasing a superior game that can only be played on the next gen consoles. 

My favorite addition of next gen 2k is the city because I am able to do more with my friends in a more interactive environment.”

— Abraham Labban

Since the beginning of the 2k series, the most popular game mode has been “MyCareer” in which you can create your own personalized players and play with people online using your player. The setting that you play in has always been some variation of a park with courts, until next gen changed that. With the next gen technology, 2k was able to implement an entire city for people to play on when they play online. “My favorite addition of next gen 2k is the city because I am able to do more with my friends in a more interactive environment,” junior Abraham Labban said. 

In next gen 2k, there is an online gamemode called “The W,” where you can create your own WNBA player and play online with them. This is the first time you have been able to play online with a WNBA player, and you cannot do it on current gen. “I like that they added the WNBA to online 2k this year, it is very fun and inspiring to play online in that game mode,” senior Sam Keller said. 

Although every in-game difference between next gen and current gen 2k favors next gen, the one drawback is that not everyone can play next gen 2k due to not having the next gen consoles. When you have a next gen console, you can play either version of 2k, allowing you to play with everyone, whereas on current gen you cannot play the next gen version. “I love all of the superior features of the next gen, but the inclusivity of the current gen is nice,” freshman Matthew Zhang said. 

 Labban is frustrated with the two different games. “I don’t like the fact that in order to be good in both versions of the game, you have to grind both and it is very time consuming. I wish that it was one universal game,” Labban said. 

Another thing that is improved on next gen compared to current gen is the graphics. Because the technology is more advanced, 2k is able to take advantage and have more realistic graphics. “When I play next gen, it might as well be a real NBA game because of how realistic it looks,” Zhang said. 

Another advantage of next gen 2k is the story mode. Using the city, there is a story mode where the player can make unique decisions that result in various outcomes. “A good way for me to have fun after school is playing the MyCareer story mode because I love personalizing my player, and I like that it isn’t a very competitive scene. It is very relaxing,” Labban said.