New, returning students attend annual club expo in-person


Photo by Sasha Sampaio

At the club expo in the main gym on Sept. 14, students fill out the sign up sheet for the Biology Club.

The club expo included different clubs promoting the main idea of their club to students so they join and the clubs gain members and was held on Sept. 14 during lunch in the main gym.

Junior Mathew Serrano said the club expo is a family of people demonstrating and sharing their ideas of their clubs. Serrano said he went to the club expo because of his “friends and the opportunity to explore different clubs to see which fits me best.”

A long list of clubs participated, from Baking to Generations Together to the Zero Waste Club. “While exploring the different clubs, I signed up for HLSU and surf club,” Serrano said.

It was good but overwhelming with the amount of people and club options.”

— Rayna Panikulam

Freshman Rayna Panikulam attended her first club expo and joined a few clubs including Generations Together. “It was good but overwhelming with the amount of people and club options,” Panikulam said.

Clubs used QR codes and sign up sheets to allow students to sign up. “I enjoyed seeing all the clubs and was able to join some and now I can do different activities with them,” Panikulam said.

Club president and junior Parth Mishrab started the History Club, where they will have presentations about historical events and meaningful discussions. The club will meet on Thursdays in English teacher Zachary Hardy’s classroom. “We are a fun club that loves to learn about history and discuss current events and in the history club you will meet new friends and learn a lot about history so please join,” Mishrab said.

Each club does their own type of activities during their meetings. Mishrab said that in previous years, club members have made catbird armor, modern tanks and played with them. Mishrab said, “I started this club to be a community for people to express their love for history.”

Sophomore Ashley Torrejon also experienced her first time at the club expo. “This is a great way to get SSL while also getting involved and meeting new people by doing completely different things,” Torrejon said.

Clubs had posters, boards, candy, s’mores kits and even tote bags made by the fashion club to promote their clubs. “I joined a few different clubs like a community club, HLSU, and a traveling club,” Torrejon said.

Club president and junior, Katie Bowman started the club Save The Children with co-president Adriana Cruz. The club is set to meet in David Bitler’s room during lunch twice a month. “I found the organization Save The Children and was interested in helping out children from other countries who are not as privileged,” Bowman said.

The club expo allows new and returning students to become involved, meet new people, share ideas and have fun times with people they share similar interests with. Co-president and senior Nick Qiu created a hacking club with co-president Chris Li about web development and exploring computer science. “We wanted to expose more people to computer science and carry on a legacy and we also plan on meeting Wednesdays after school in room 262,” Qiu said.