Fantasy football has begun, bringing joy to fans


Photo by Jake Konigsberg

Juniors Jared Su, Parker Leibowitz, and Ethan Kuan discuss trades after week one of fantasy football on Sept. 15.

Fantasy football is a competitive game where NFL fans choose players to be on their fictional team for the upcoming football season. Students throughout the school participate and compete in fantasy football leagues.

Every year before the season starts, fantasy football users come together for a draft. During this draft, users draft real NFL players to their fantasy football teams. These NFL players score points for fantasy users depending on how they perform during their game that week.

I’m feeling good about my team and hope that I can finally win my first league this year.

— Ethan Kuan

Junior Ethan Kuan is an experienced Fantasy Football player who has looked forward to the start of this new football season. “I’m feeling good about my team and hope that I can finally win my first league this year,” Kuan said. 

Students enjoy participating in fantasy football with their families. Junior Maya Gottesman has been playing fantasy football with her family for the past three years, and she enjoys the competitive aspect. “My brother and I become very competitive during the football season and it is fun to brag when I win our fantasy matchup,” Gottesman said. 

For fans, fantasy football is less than a game, and more of a lifestyle. Senior Joey Neustadt said that during the football season, he and his friends become obsessed with football. “Every Thursday, Sunday and Monday, I try to watch every game I can. It is very fun to watch with my friends, especially when I am playing against them that week,” Neustadt said.

Different websites provide fantasy football information and different versions of the game, keeping it fresh and new every year. One form of fantasy football is called dynasty fantasy football. In dynasty, you draft your team once and keep that same team for as long as the league goes, instead of drafting a new team every year. “I started a dynasty league last year with my friends, and I find it a lot of fun because it feels like full-year fantasy football,” Kuan said.

A popular way to watch the NFL is on the channel  “Redzone.” Redzone is seven hours of commercial free football that shows the highlights of every game as they occur. Fantasy football players love Redzone because it highlights all of their players and its constant action. “I love watching Redzone because I get to see the highlights from every game and I’m never bored,” Neustadt said. 

An interesting aspect of fantasy football is the fantasy football playoffs. Every fantasy football league has a tournament at the end of the NFL season to determine the winner of the league. “The fantasy playoffs are a lot of fun because each matchup is even more important since the loser gets eliminated,” Gottesman said. 

Another cool thing about fantasy football is the punishment for the person who gets last place. “One thing I want to make sure of is that I don’t get last place this year. In my league, you have to spend 24 hours in a waffle house and each waffle takes an hour off the time. It’s a fun way to make sure everyone tries their hardest,” Kuan said.