Seniors excited about traditions, activities to come


Photo by Keerthi Padmanabhan

Seniors gather at their sunrise event two weeks ago.

The class of 2022 has finally reached their senior year. With this comes traditions and new activities. Students are anxious about their senior year but are excited for what is to come.

The first big tradition to start off the school year was an event at the school, where seniors decorated their cars and took pictures in their tie dye senior shirts. Senior Brooklynn Harry said she loved this event. “It was so fun to see people I haven’t seen in awhile and get to spend time with my friends. It was so crazy because it made me realize we are all seniors,” Harry said.

The senior sunrise was so much fun. I loved getting to hangout with my friends and watch the sunset with a ton of people in my grade.”

— Charlotte Christovich

The second senior tradition that already took place was the senior sunrise. This event takes place at the beginning of the school year to symbolize the year to come, and is followed by a sunset at the end of the school year. This sunrise took place the second week of school. “The senior sunrise was so much fun. I loved getting to hangout with my friends and watch the sunset with a ton of people in my grade,” senior Charlotte Christovich said.

Sports teams have traditions and fun activities that the seniors this year get to take part in. Senior soccer captain Ethan Moon is excited to be a senior this year on the team. “I am excited to have senior night at the end of the season and also being the oldest on the team,” Moon said.

Senior Sophie Good is part of the field hockey team, and is already loving the season. “Field hockey has already been so fun this year and it is crazy that it will be my last year on the team. I am looking forward to senior night and banquet for the team,” Good said.

Senior class president Dylan Safai is looking forward to the fun things he will get to do as a senior. “Being a senior is a lot of fun because you’re basically the leaders and have a lot of traditions as well. My favorite tradition is senior picnic since it’s on the last week and the senior class gets together and takes pictures in their college shirts and be together, one of the last opportunities to be together as a class,” Safai said. 

Seniors cannot believe that it is already their last year in high school. “Since our junior year was mostly virtual, it is weird that we are already seniors. I definitely don’t feel like a senior,” Good said. 

With all the fun traditions and activities, this year will be memorable for the class of 2022. Students are excited to get back into the craziness of the school year and experience one last year with their classmates.