Soccer ends in tie against Rockville; team gears up for Churchill


X-ray courtesy Ben Cohen

Junior Ben Cohen’s post-surgery X-rays show the extent of the injury suffered on Sept. 10.

Boys’ varsity soccer ended in a tie against Rockville on Sept. 9. The game went into two overtimes, but neither team was able to score. 

A minute into the game, the boys suffered a huge loss to their squad with a season-ending injury from junior Ben Cohen. Cohen went up for a header and on the way down, a Rockville player wrapped both of his legs around his lower right leg. When Cohen hit the floor, he remembers his leg snapping and hearing a “crack.” 

I could see that my ankle was completely sideways, and Trainer Tim came over to stabilize the leg.”

— Ben Cohen

Senior Daniel Yi ran over immediately and called over the trainer. “I could see that my ankle was completely sideways, and Trainer Tim came over to stabilize the leg,” Cohen said.

Paramedics eventually came to the field and Cohen was taken to Shady Grove Hospital. Once there, the doctors took X-rays and diagnosed Cohen with a dislocated ankle and multiple breaks in his tibia and fibula in his right leg. The doctors popped his ankle back into place and sent him home, and the following day he went back to Shady Grove for surgery.

Cohen’s surgery was a success. “I got one plate and seven screws in my leg. The doctors said that I would have to miss one week of school, and that I could not walk on it for four to six weeks,” Cohen said. 

Doctors are unsure when Cohen can return to soccer, and said it will depend on how well he progresses in physical therapy. “All the boys on the soccer team are saddened by Cohen’s injury and wish him a speedy recovery. We as a team are very saddened by Ben’s season-ending injury. We are continuing to check up on him and wish him all the best going forward,” senior Nick Jones said.

 Boys still have a couple young stars who will make a substantial impact on the team this year. Senior Sachin Krishna-Rogers is excited for his final season and is one of the team captains. Krishna-Rogers is looking to play in college as well and has been in talks with multiple D1 coaches. Being an incredible offensive presence, Krishna-Rogers demonstrates impeccable leadership ability on the field and is an extremely skilled scorer.

Another great player the team has in their arsenal is center back defenseman Daniel Yi. Yi’s quickness and speed coped with his physicality and aggressiveness is what makes him the core of the team’s defense. 

One game this season that the team looks forward to is the game against Churchill. Churchill has always been a top contender and a challenge for the boys, but this year they are up for it. “One game that is always circled on the calendar when the schedule is released is Churchill, our rivals. They are a strong team but so are we which should make for a fun and exciting game. Definitely looking forward to the game and hope to have the stands packed at home,” senior Miles Wiley said. 

The team lost their next game against Quince Orchard 2-1 on Sept. 15. The game after that, the team played Wakins Mill on Sep. 17 and won 6-2.