Chromebooks getting good reviews


Photo by Madeline Eig

Freshman Madeline Eig uses the new Chromebook provided by the school.

The distribution of Chromebooks to students is a solution to the new COVID-19 guidelines now that students are transitioning back into in-person learning. Some students argue that the logistics are impractical, however, the majority of students have had a good reaction toward the new system and updated technology.

Those opposed to the Chromebooks argue that finding the time and place to charge them is challenging. In school, not every classroom has accessible outlets that are practical or functional to the students and teachers in the room. Wires all around the classroom could cause distractions and be a safety hazard as well.

In addition to problems charging the Chromebooks, people have also addressed their concerns with the effectiveness of them when the internet is slow. For example, with the recent power outage, the school had no access to the internet, so nothing worked. “It’s kind of annoying when the school’s WiFi is down so you can’t get any work done and nothing loads,” senior Suhani Singh said.

The majority of students seem to be in support of the Chromebooks and how smoothly students transitioned onto them. The school was able to distribute a Chromebook to almost everyone in the school within the first couple of weeks of the year. “I think the distribution went fairly well,” ​​IT Systems Specialist Robert Oslund said. “We have distributed about 1,200 Chromebooks to students so far this year.”

I especially like the fact that it allows for all students to be able to have the same opportunities to succeed with new technology.”

— Dylan Safai

Every student in the school is able to get a Chromebook. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your financial status is. “I greatly like the system,” senior Dylan Safai said. “I especially like the fact that it allows for all students to be able to have the same opportunities to succeed with new technology.”

Students are also drawn to the Chromebook’s new features and the additional perks that come with it. It makes the experience more efficient and easier to carry the Chromebooks from place to place. “I like the touchscreen features of it,” Safai said. “And I enjoy the fact that the school also provides students with a case, charger and headphones.”

 The efficiency also spreads to the teachers and positively changes how they do things in their classes. With students’ easy access to Chromebooks, teachers have started transitioning most of their class content online, saving time and effort. “First of all it saves paper,” Singh said. “It also makes backpacks lighter since most teachers post everything online, and saves time for most teachers since they check homework online instead of in class.”