With hopes diminishing, students hope to get snow days back


Allie Greenspun

Around this time every year, students and staff’s eyes are glued to the weather report. Everyone shares the common want, a snow day and school is cancelled. Usually we get our wish three to four times a year and have those days of school off. This year has been snowless and time is running out for MCPS to use its scheduled emergency weather days.
What happens with these days when they are not used? Nothing. We have four extra days of school, in replacement of no snow.
Some think we should not get our days back because students and staff need the extra days to turn in work. “Having the extra few days to get my late work turned in or catch up in a class I missed calms me down. The extra time is important to me,” sophomore Ryan Mariani said.
In other cases students benefit from extra days to prepare for an AP exam. No matter the weather emergency the exam date is set, and will not change giving students a certain amount of time to prepare.
The days we spend in school aid students who miss a long period of school, “The extra days we have before the quarter ended helped me get all of my assignments turned in on time so I know my grades before the quarter ends,” sophomore Niko Jones said.
Others feel the days we don’t use should be given back to use. Why should students have to come to school more than originally planned? The idea of a break is a positive thing for students, and staff who can use it as a way to step back from the pressure that is school/work.
Students question MCPS’ thinking, “It really confuses me on why we don’t get our snow days back, and have no school. Why should other school districts use that method, but not MCPS?” senior Meredith Murdock said.
Snow days are used as a break for students from the stressful school environment. They give students time to relax, and spend time away from school. “I like to sit inside and watch movies on my snow days. Or hangout with friends, making for a relaxing day in the middle of a stressful week of work,” sophomore Carli Mangum said.
The county should give us our snow days back, and whichever ones we do not use is how many days off of school we should have. We will not be losing any scheduled learning time, but increasing the break time for students and staff. Giving students and staff maximum days off, while still having all scheduled classes, the county is not rushed to finished on time, and students are less stressed by school.

Matt Kelly

Staff Writer