How to: Ace recreational basketball


Josh Friedman

In high school recreational basketball there are rules that players are supposed to follow. Five do’s and five don’ts of basketball are as follows:

Do go to all the practices. Practices in high school recreational basketball mainly consist of playing five on five scrimmages. “My favorite part about rec basketball is how the practices are very chill and I get to just hang out with my friends and scrimmage basketball games,” sophomore Ben Stoller said.

Do bring a reusable water bottle. With all of the athletes on a basketball team, if players each bring one water bottle per practice and game, they will waste hundreds of water bottles combined by the end of the season. By using reusable water bottles players will be helping to save the environment.

Do remember good sportsmanship. Although this is only a recreational team, players should always follow the rules and be polite to one another.

Do bring your family to the games. The games are entertaining not only for the players but also for the families of the players. The games are exciting and give families something fun to do on the weekend with their children.

Do remember to have fun. It is a recreational sport not a job, it is not all about winning. Having fun is what the game is all about don’t worry about beating the other team. “When it comes to playing games, I don’t worry about winning the game I just make sure to have as much fun as possible while playing, although it is always nice to catch the win,” sophomore Jared Rabin said.

Don’t wear shorty shorts. It is basketball, not cross-country, no one wants to see those hairy or shiny legs as you leap into the air for a slam dunk. Basketball shorts are much more acceptable.

Don’t buy expensive basketball shoes. It is just a recreational sport, not the NBA. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on nice basketball shoes.

Don’t forget your jersey. If a player forgets his jersey, he can’t participate in the game. It is a stupid way to miss out on playing in a game just because a jersey is left at home. “I once forgot my jersey at home and the referee would not let me play in the game. I begged him and asked if I could just wear my friends extra shirt that was the same shade navy blue as our jerseys. I ended up having to return home to get it and missed a half of the game,” Stoller said.

Don’t get too competitive. Recreational basketball is not a professional sport. Players need to recognize this and continue to play their hardest and have fun but not break rules and hurt other players in order to win or do better.

Don’t forget to follow the rules. Although it is a recreational sport one must still know how to play the game.

Dennis Child

Staff Writer