Find renewed appreciation for parks, nature


Photo by Emma Song

During the past year, people have been stuck at home with not much to do, going out for walks occasionally to escape the boredom. Taking walks or running provides a breather and a break from the stress and anxiety induced by quarantine. As this quarantine ends, we should not forget the respite of simply being outdoors.

These stressful times push people to find outlets to relax and have time for themselves, but being at home sometimes feels claustrophobic; especially being home with family. Stepping outside for even a couple minutes makes a drastic difference in mood and relieves stress. Parks have been kept open despite quarantine and social distancing, including the outdoor museum Glenstone. Glenstone has been fully booked to July since March, tickets selling out within seconds of being released. Glenstone is a beautiful, open outdoor museum full of contemporary art and nature. Walking through the trails in nearly 300 acres of land, visitors can appreciate nature as well as modern art pieces scattered throughout the area. People have been jumping at the chance to book tickets and be able to have an outing while also following social distancing guidelines. 

Outdoor spaces such as Glenstone provide just that, and gardens in D.C. such as Dumbarton Gardens are also wonderful places to appreciate nature. Similarly to Glenstone, Dumbarton Gardens also has been busy with visitors. Taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens and fountains provides a temporary escape from the exhausting past events and heightened stress. Besides these two places, most parks do not require visitors to reserve tickets, as families and friends flock to outdoor hiking spots, picnic areas, and camping sites. People enjoy barbecues, hikes and small gatherings as a way to stay connected. After this period of time ends, we should not forget the comfort and relief that being outside gives us, finding ways to stay connected to others as well as nature and its healing properties. 

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