SGA begins ‘We Are One’ campaign

Common Sense Staff

As the school year begins, the SGA commences its “We are One Campaign” in an attempt to unify Wootton into one community.
According to senior SGA member Nina Thomson, the goal of the campaign is to create an all-inclusive feeling. With this campaign in place, students feel that a sense of unity and togetherness will dominate social life and make the school environment more enjoyable. “Since many people have their own groups, it can be hard for students to feel united as one school. If the SGA can successfully implement their campaign, students will feel more comfortable engaging in conversation with people they don’t know,” senior Ruchi Nanda said.
SGA advisor Nia Cresham and the administration requested SGA create an overall theme for the school. In the past year, the motto “woottonstrong” persisted with students after several tragedies struck the community. “woottonstrong” unofficial motto, however, and SGA decided to create a broader theme that could incorporate this slogan and the feeling of oneness. “We knew that one of Dr. Doran’s greatest values was seeing the student body come together as one through the highs and lows. He wanted to see his students feel welcome and safe. With his passing last year, we wanted to honor him by creating the ‘We Are One” campaign,” senior SGA member Ben Fellman said.
‘We Are One’ is displayed in ways to ensure that students are constantly reminded of the message. A bright blue banner is present on the bridge above the Commons, and the mottos ‘We Are One’ and ‘woottonstrong’ are written in bold red on the front covers of assignment books. “These are such simple ways of displaying the message, yet I think they do an effective job of making sure students are acknowledging the campaign every day,” junior Justin Slud said.
SGA is also trying to incorporate the meaning of the message into events like pep rallies and homecoming. “We are probably going to have more activities or things that people can participate in to accent the community feel,” Thomson said.


Smriti Gupta

Front Page Editor