Annual POTH was big hit with students


Photo courtesy Wootton class of 2021 Youtube

This year’s streaming themed POTH logo

Despite the unusual circumstances, the annual Puttin’ On The Hits (POTH) turned out to be a great success. This year’s POTH was streamed online rather than in the usual auditorium setting. POTH is an opportunity to show off your dance and lip syncing skills either in an independent submission, club act or as a class planning act. 

POTH took place live on Apr. 29 at 7 p.m. and this year’s theme was streaming. There were individual acts, club acts and class acts. As voted on by teachers, the winning individual act and club act recieve $50 and the winning class act receives $100. There was a live chat during the stream that students could fill with commentary and cheer on the acts. 

Senior planning takes on the role of organizing and carrying out POTH each year. The seniors this year had to get creative and adapt to the new circumstances. Senior planning member Jillian Pohoryles loved the challenge. “Putting on a virtual POTH this year was way tougher than I presume putting on a regular POTH would be, however I actually enjoyed the hard work I put in with my classmates to make POTH the best we could given our circumstances,” Pohoryles said.

I was so excited that we won POTH this year. We had more people participate this time, who brought really creative ideas for our dance.”

— Keerthi Padmanabhan

Pohoryles was also the winner of the individual act. The K-Pop dance club was the winner of the club act. The winner of the class acts was the class of 2022. “I was so excited that we won POTH this year. We had more people participate this time, who brought really creative ideas for our dance,” junior Keerthi Padmanabhan said.

POTH included skits and games made by senior planning. This year’s skits included parodies of The Bachelor, Criminal Minds, That 70s Show, Dance Moms and more. Even the schools’  teachers were included in games such as The Newlywed game.

Students had positive things to say about the production. Freshman Lily King participated in her class act and the Poms act. “I thought it was fun to be a part of and it was so cool to see the whole school participate as well as so many different styles of dances and performances,” King said.

Despite the challenges, participants were proud to be involved. “Even though Wootton didn’t have an auditorium full of student on the night of POTH, having it be live-streamed so everyone was watching at once made me feel super unified with all Wootton students and I was so proud of how all the time and work we put in to making the show translated into an overall incredible production,” Pohoryles said.