Long-awaited varsity baseball season is here


Photo by Robert Carpenter

Junior Dason Miller gets excited at baseball practice.

Baseball is back and in full swing as the varsity team is wrapping up tryouts and preparing for their season for the first time in two years. 

Just like much of the world, the structure of the high school baseball season has changed, but that is merely a minor inconvenience as students and coaches are just excited to be back. This year, the number of games that the team will play has been lowered. Furthermore the same five teams are each played twice, and Covid-19 precautions have been taken to make sure that the season can be completed as the athletes are kept safe. Junior outfielder Dason Miller said, “I am looking forward to being back with my teammates working towards a common goal.”

As people have been more isolated than ever before over the past year, the sense of comradery from being part of a team is highly valued. People are glad that they can be together doing what they enjoy the most. Senior second basemen Hank Breen said, “I am extremely happy that I get the opportunity to compete with my teammates in my last year of high school.”

It has been a challenge for athletes to keep their skills sharp and to continue improving with such an extended break from high school competition. Students have gotten innovative and made the best out of a bad situation to continue doing what they love. Miller said, “Every player has trained through the pandemic. Whether it included running, lifting weights, playing for their own teams, or improving their own skills, we have worked to improve ourselves for the greater goal of improving the team.”

Our team is more motivated than ever to make up for what feels like lost time; we are playing each game like it could be our last”

— Ryan Binder

Players had trained hard leading up to the pandemic and were let down when the season ended before it had the chance to really begin. It was the last year for 2020 seniors and a first year for juniors that ended in disappointment for all. Junior outfielder Ryan Binder said, “Our team is more motivated than ever to make up for what feels like lost time; we are playing each game like it could be our last.”

Through these difficult times, the goals for the baseball team have remained the same as they fight to go undefeated, win a championship and most importantly beat Churchill. Each day the team is out on the field refining their skills as they prepare for whenever their next game may be. Miller said, “We are on the field every day trying to come back better than how we were before quarantine to give us the best chance to reach our goals while representing our school.”

As the games begin, the spectators will be limited per player as to minimize any potential spread of Covid-19. There is a designated location for spectators to watch so that both teams can remain safe throughout the course of the season. Breen said, “Even with the viewers limited, I am excited to compete with my teammates and win games for my school.”