How to travel safely


Photo by kozumel used with permission from Google Commons

People may still feel anxious about traveling by airplane.

With the shining sun and warming temperatures, people are considering traveling. However, traveling during a pandemic, even if vaccinated, may not be the safest option if precautions are not taken.

One of the most important parts about traveling safely is the people you come across. Limiting contact with people you don’t know and keeping to family and friends who have been vaccinated is the safest option. Avoiding large crowds is also a good idea in this post-pandemic world. “When going outside, it’s important to always wear a mask and never take it off, as well as try to keep distance from other people when possible,” junior Jack Pate said.

The transportation that you take is also important. The most common way that people travel is by car. When traveling by car, it is important to take as few stops as possible before reaching your planned destination to limit possible contact with other people. If taking trains or buses, be sure to distance yourself from others and always wear a mask. Avoiding flights is also safest, as you would be in an enclosed space with others for long periods of time. “I don’t think planes are safe unless you are fully vaccinated, even then it’s still not that safe,” Pate said.

If you’re traveling for multiple days, chances are you will be staying at a hotel. When looking for a hotel, be sure to search for one with the correct health regulations, look to share a room with vaccinated people and try to avoid hotels that share rooms and bathrooms. “I think some health regulations should limit people in places like elevators, keep distance in the lobby, and don’t have more than the max number of people in a hotel room,” junior Marvin Xu said.

While going out, you will no doubt have to find a restaurant to eat at some point. Of course, it’s best if you bring your own food, but if that isn’t possible, going through a drive-through is a great option as well. It would be best if places with poor ventilation or with excess touching of surfaces like buffets are avoided. “I go to restaurants most of the time I travel, they usually have 50% or lower capacity, they distance the customers, and there’s a time limit too,” Xu said.

Out of all traveling activities, camping is a popular activity with good weather. When camping, be sure to avoid shared areas like bathrooms or camping with unvaccinated people who aren’t your family members. It is important to keep your mask on when leaving your campsite and to social distance from others if you do meet anyone. “I think camping is a great idea as you won’t interact with as many people as when you go traveling to other places, plus, it’s fun to go outside,” Pate said.

I feel a bit safer about traveling now that people are getting vaccinated, but I think we still need to see if Covid reports don’t spike up to travel

— Henry Wang

While traveling, it is definitely important to take the necessary precautions, even if you are fully vaccinated. Covid cases are still appearing, and risky travel behavior could result in another outbreak of the virus. “I feel a bit safer about traveling now that people are getting vaccinated, but I think we still need to see if Covid reports don’t spike up to travel,” junior Henry Wang said.