Seniors celebrate college commitments


Photo courtesy senior Riya Kholi

Senior Riya Kholi celebrates committing to college with bedroom decoration.

The end of the year for seniors is rapidly approaching, which means college commitments. Seniors celebrate their commitment to college in several different forms. Whether it is with their family, friends or loved ones, there is some sort of celebration toward their next four years. 

I was so surprised and delighted when I walked into my room to see my friends and how much hard work they put into decorating my room.”

— Riya Kohli

Bed decorating parties have become widely popular across the country, more specifically amongst senior girls. Groups of friends get together at whomever has recently committed to college’s house for a surprise decoration. Any article of clothing representing the college is thoughtfully placed on their bed. Decorations of the college’s colors are spread across the room as they wait for their friend to arrive. “I was so surprised and delighted when I walked into my room to see my friends and how much hard work they put into decorating my room. It made me even more excited for my next four years at UT Austin,” senior Riya Kholi said.

Similar to bed decorating, table decorating is another way students celebrate their friends committing to college. The major difference between bed decorating and table decorating is of course that it is done on a table. Using a table allows for extra decorations such as baked goods and candies to be used. The table used is usually the kitchen table or a foldable table placed outside and decorated there. “I loved walking into my Ohio State University decorated kitchen to be surrounded by my family and best friends. It made me sad I was leaving them soon, but also excited to start a new chapter of my life,” senior Danielle Berman said.

 A celebratory dinner is just another way to celebrate being committed to college. Families will take their committed senior to a restaurant and celebrate them. Often, someone from the family will arrive beforehand to decorate the table for a more special and intimate feel. “When I committed to Syracuse University, my parents took me out to my favorite restaurant. It was cool because the booth had orange and blue streamers as well as some other decorations,” senior Ari Glazer said.

 Commitment day is celebrated on May 1, which is the last day to commit to a college and make a decision. One of the major ways seniors celebrate their commitment to college is by getting dressed up in their college apparel and colors to wear to school, for pictures or just to walk around in. “I am really excited to represent the University of Maryland at school. It will also be pretty cool to see everyone else representing their schools and seeing where they will be attending in the fall,” senior Ron Berlin said.