Although Mother’s Day passed, it’s never too late to show moms some love with this gift and activity guide


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

Mother’s day was last Sunday on May 9.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 9. Here are some gifts and activities you can have to go with it.



  1. Pandora jewelry. Pandora has just launched a new collection starting at $25. Favorites include charms, earrings and bracelets.
  2. If your mom has a sweet tooth, Edible Arrangements is the perfect gift. Ranging from chocolate-covered strawberries to flowers and cookies, there is something for everyone.
  3. In a rush? Pick up a curbside gift from Nordstrom with over 800 options to choose from.
  4. If your mom loves chocolate, make sure to check out Ghirardelli. They offer six different Mother’s Day bundles, all currently on sale for 20% off. You can even customize your own gift box.
  5. Does your mom need to destress? Head over to Montgomery Mall and pick up the newest teas from Teavana.
  6. Also at Montgomery Mall is Lush Cosmetics. Pick any of their gifts right from their up-to-date gift guide.
  7. In addition, Bath and Bodyworks is at the mall, with a full Mother’s Day gift section. This section includes a “MOM” candle for $24.50 and a variety of bundle item sales.
  8. If your mom likes crafting, Michaels has a wide variety of supplies and kits that she will enjoy.
  9. Surprise your mom with a bouquet of flowers. Flowers can be a simple and kind gesture that are easy to purchase, just remember to call the store you are picking them up from to make sure they can be reserved or are in stock.


Make at home gifts:

  1. Breakfast in bed. Surprise your mom in the morning with her favorite breakfast. For example, pancakes, waffles, cereal and oatmeal.
  2.  Sugar Cookies can be simple to make and are easily personalizable with different color dyes.
  3. Painting. Make your mom a painting of something that she enjoys, for example, a picture of her and her family.
  4. Frame decorating. If painting is not your strong suit, you can decorate a wooden frame with markers and put a picture of the two of you inside. Pick up the frame and markers from Michaels for just $6.98.
  5. Tissue paper flowers. If you want flowers that last forever, tissue paper flowers are the creative way to go. They are simple to make, with easy tutorials on the internet.


  1. Paddle boating is a great COVID-friendly family experience. A local company is located in Rio and plans to be open this Mother’s day.
  2. Nature walking is a free and easy activity. Popular local paths include the Billy Goat Trail and the C&O canal, both with COVID-friendly guidelines.
  3. Amazing Art Studio offers fun painting for the whole family and is located in Pike and Rose.
  4. Rain or shine, at-home movies are always a fun family experience. Stream from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more for favorites.
  5. Picnics are easy to plan and can be easy to manage following COVID guidelines. Pick from the top picnic locations in the county for the best experience.