Black Widow finally gets her own film


Screenshot by Owen Lomotan

Disney Plus MARVEL Home Screen

Marvel Studios was far from running out of ideas after the release of Avengers: Endgame in 2019. For example, the success of WandaVison sparked the success of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will spark interest in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. On top of that, a must-see backstory on one of the MCUs most famous characters, Black Widow, is arriving July 9. 


Here is the full trailer breakdown. 

The opening scene shows an island town and quickly cuts to Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) exiting a train station. 

The next few scenes show flashbacks of her Avengers days with her voice in the background saying “I’ve lived a lot of lives, before I was an Avenger”. She then talks about her battle between being herself or what others want from her. 

We then shift to a snowy area where we see Natasha jumping onto an elevated rail. This quickly jumps to a kid in the forest. “We have to go back to where it all started,” she says. This tells me Natasha is returning home to see what has happened since she left. 

We then see Natasha enter what looks like her old house and run into a woman who most infer is her sister. She tells her that they have unfinished business, maybe referring back to what she was doing before her avenger days. 

A flashback to Natasha’s dad saying “My girls are the toughest girls in the world” is shown and then cuts to Natasha and her sister standing in front of a trash dump full of war material. 

The next few scenes show flashbacks of what her family had to go through after she had gone to be an Avenger. Her sister told her they followed strict orders in order to survive. Natasha then pleads none of it was real. 

Then we see a red room full of all women soldiers holding handguns as if training for a fight. It cuts to a car/motorcycle chase in the middle of a city. Then we see scenes of Natasha and her sister fighting back at their house with her sister saying Nat was everything to her. 

Afterward, we see a man standing in front of a red projection screen. It quickly cuts to some sort of battle robot being unveiled. A man then says to the bot, “bring her home” probably meaning Natasha. 

Then we see a montage of fight scenes involving that same robot, Natasha, and her sister. An explosion happens and we see Natasha falling through a sky of debris while holding something in her hand. More battle scenes emerge at the snowy area from before. Natasha says she is done running from her past and is determined to ensure her family’s safety. 

I think that the trailer made the movie look really promising and that it’s cool that we finally get a backstory for one of our favorite characters.”

— Kyle Ashley

Students reacted to the trailer after watching:

“I think that the trailer made the movie look really promising and that it’s cool that we finally get a backstory for one of our favorite characters,” Sophomore Kyle Ashley said. 

Sophomore David Horcasitas agreed. “The trailer portrays a great collage in terms of editing and transition of scenes. Great photography and smooth flow of capture” Horcasitas said. 

 “Although in the trailer you can see terrible scenes involving what seems to be the RAF  (Russian Armed Forces) being highly inaccurate and unrealistic, but that’s Hollywood for you.” Marvel Studios did a good job at constructing an effective hook and choice of music by the audio development team.   Looks like the movie will be an endearing, action-packed film Marvel fans will love.