Jeopardy guest hosts to include Joe Buck


Photo used with permission from Google Commons

NFL and MLB play-by-play announcer Joe Buck will be a guest host of Jeopardy this summer.

Joe Buck, an upcoming guest host of the TV show Jeopardy is a sportscaster for the NFL and the MLB. Buck will follow a string of guest hosts after former host Alex Trebeck died this past winter.

Buck is a fan favorite for announcing NFL games as he is great at announcing alongside former Dallas Cowboy great Troy Aikman. Buck was a Hall of Fame NFL quarterback. Buck will guest host Jeopardy this summer. This isn’t the first time Jeopardy has gotten an NFL player to get on Jeopardy, as Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers hosted last month. Junior Ethan Cohen said, “I watch Jeopardy every night with my family and although it will never be the same without Alex Trebeck, I have watched Joe Buck be a sportscaster for years and I know that he will do great in Trebeck’s absence.”

… I definitely understand why they went with Buck, considering his nationwide popularity.”

— Brett Strauss

Buck’s attention to detail is part of why some think he will be a great Jeopardy host. Senior Brett Strauss was surprised when he found out that Buck would be hosting Jeopardy. Strauss said, “Wow, I did not expect them to turn to a sports announcer. I would have thought that they would have selected a candidate with more experience in hosting trivia games but I definitely understand why they went with Buck, considering his nationwide popularity.”

The show has had a number of guest hosts including TV producer Mike Richards, journalist Katie Couric, Dr. Mehmet Oz from the Dr. Oz Show and journalist Anderson Cooper. 


Personally, I am excited to watch Buck on Jeopardy this summer because I have watched him broadcast my whole life and I have only seen him in the sports line of work. I am curious to see how he does with trivia games and how he uses his broadcasting skills to improve his hosting performance.

Buck has never done anything like this before so it will be interesting whether or not he will naturally fill the role. Buck does not have to opt-out of his contract with Fox Sports because he is simply joining as a guest host, and is not doing this to become a full-time host. I think Buck will do great and we will all see what he can do in the summer of 2021.