John Riker is an Editor-in-Chief of Wootton’s Common Sense newspaper. This is his fourth year on the paper and covers varsity and junior varsity sports in addition to maintaining the newspaper website. He is also the author and creator of and works for the NFLRush website as a Kid Reporter.

John was born and raised in the Montgomery County area and is the oldest of five. In his free time, he runs for the varsity cross country and track teams at Wootton and works on various projects, ranging from writing short stories to producing short films.

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Joe Pohoryles is an Editor-in-Chief for the Common Sense newspaper. He joined Common Sense in 2015. For the first semester of the 2015-2016 school year, Joe took the Introduction to Journalism course, then subsequently joined Common Sense as a staff writer, writing articles in the Sports and Features section, most notably for the Coed Volleyball team. He was a sports editor during his sophomore year, then the front page editor his junior year.

Joe’s love for writing and sports started at a young age. His father, Steve, sparked his interest in sports, while his mother, Cindy, got him into writing.

Joe was born in Washington, D.C., and currently lives in Rockville with his parents and two sisters.

Chloe Perel is an Editor-in-Chief for the Common Sense newspaper.

Managing Editors

Danny Rothenberg is a senior at Wootton high school who is in his third year of writing for the Common Sense Newspaper. Danny is a sports enthusiast and player who found his love for writing through sports at a young age as he was and still is watching sports all the time. Danny hopes to make an impact in the newspaper throughout his time as a news editor.

James Barberis is a managing editor for Common Sense. He joined Common Sense during 2016-17 school year. Ever since he was a toddler, James has always had a passion for writing and literature.

He has lived in Gaithersburg, MD his entire life and has two younger brothers. In his free time, James loves to listen to vinyl, attend movies in the theater, and play the guitar and ukulele.

James has played soccer since he was three yet writing has been his main goal in life. This profound love for writing has lead him to Common Sense where he plans on being an integral part of the newspaper’s publication. He hopes that his time on the newspaper will be memorable and a stepping stone for the rest of his life.

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Nitya Kumar is a managing editor for Common Sense.

Dennis Child is a managing editor for Common Sense.

Hannah Ho is a managing editor on Wootton’s Common Sense newspaper. She joined Common Sense during her sophomore year at Wootton in 2016.

Born and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland, she moved to the Wootton district with her younger brother and parents freshman year.

Hannah’s love for writing sparked when she was introduced to newspaper club at Lakelands Park Middle School in 6th grade where she continued it all three years. She has won awards such as The Montgomery County Mosaic Writing Contest for her short story in 2015.

Beyond writing, she is passionate about art and playing volleyball. She has played on the girls volleyball team for two years at Wootton and is the president of Wootton’s Art With A Heart Club.

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Profiles Editor

Jake Klugerman is a senior at Wootton and is serving the newspaper as the profiles editor.  Jake enjoyed learning about journalism and is excited to have his work in the newspaper.  He has two siblings including one who previously wrote for the Common Sense.

Front Page Editors

  • Christina Liu
  • Mollika Singh

News Editors

Justin Fishman is a sophomore at Wootton high school who joined the Common Sense Newspaper this year. Justin has loved writing ever since a young age although he originally did not know how to spell his name. Justin has an older brother who is a senior at Wootton high school. Justin loves to play and watch sports and sometimes even bet on the games. Justin hopes writing for the newspaper will be a memory that he will never forget.

You can find him on twitter @jfish324

  • Jack Rothenberg
  • Monica Godnick
  • Jonnie Voyta

Sports Editors

  • Ethan Reff
  • Dev Zoks
  • Jack Moskowitz
  • Conor Walsh

Opinion Editors

  • Miller Romm
  • Anna Baldwin

Commons Editors

  • Kirby Child
  • Amy Weintraub

Online Editor

  • Riley Jordan

Design Editor

  • Hannah Ho

Features Editors

  • Jordan Rubin
  • Demi Ellenbogen
  • Brian Myers

Reviews Editor

  • Emily Eichberg

Arts Editor

  • Kristina Tsakos

Back Page Editors

  • Marissa Silverman
  • Abby Russ