Homecoming court: fun, not outdated, old tradition

Noah Lenkin
staff writer

Homecoming court has long been a high school tradition. The seniors serve as the king and queen, while the lower grades serve as princes and princesses. In recent years the court has drawn criticism for being a popularity contest, or for nominating students as a joke.

This year, I was nominated for homecoming prince for my grade. I was excited, and even if it was a joke, I was happy to be nominated by my peers. If you are chosen to be on the homecoming court, you get to ride in a jeep at halftime, and the king and queen get a special sash and crown.

Homecoming court has been portrayed in movies like High School Musical, and is a star feature in some key moments of movies, like in Mean Girls where Lindsey Lohan becomes prom queen at the end.

One reason students think homecoming court is outdated “because there is nothing teachers can do to prevent joke nominees, and I believe the process in which people are nominated are unfair,” senior Meghana Kotriah said.

Another reason students think homecoming court is outdated “because the people who I wanted to win did not win, and I was upset,” junior Jason Goode said.

Some students have a neutral point of view on this issue, saying “homecoming court does not really affect me, so I pay no attention to it when it comes around every year. Since it is a regular thing I have come to accept, I have no opinion. Also, most of the nominees are joke nominees which I think is wrong,” junior Veronika Ioradanskaya said.

Other students like the tradition. “I enjoy it very much, and I look forward to it every time fall comes around. One day, I hope to have the honor of being on homecoming court, and waving to my fellow students at the homecoming game when I ride the jeep,” sophomore Ethan Moon said.

Homecoming court is not outdated because it is a timeless tradition for high schools. Without homecoming court, homecoming would be completly different and lose a crucial part of its identity. Also, homecoming court is a fun thing students can enjoy.

Students have fun cheering the nominees and eventual winners, and many people look forward to homecoming court coming around each fall, eager to see who will win and be the prince or princess. Homecoming court should never be eliminated due to the new tech voting and ideals of a simpler time where anyone can be king or queen.

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