Students outraged by first week quizzes

Teachers unfairly assign work upon return to school

As the summer comes to an end, students dread realizing they went all 11 weeks without doing their summer work. And, to make matters worse, some students end up having a quiz on that summer work the first day.
Students are strongly against the concept of teachers giving quizzes the first day. “I don’t get why they do it considering they know most of their kids won’t know anything going on,” junior Katie Barnett said.
Students cram their work into the last few days of summer and, “the last thing I want is to be worrying about when I get back to school I’m going to have a quiz,” sophomore Thomas Jezek said.
When teachers give quizzes the first day, most students know they’re not going to do well. “The first day is usually adjusting to your classes and teachers, not taking a test,” junior Antonia Roach said.
While most students don’t find the first day quizzes fair, some students may feel like it helps them get into the school mindset quicker. “Usually they’re not hard quizzes anyway and it helps me realize we’re actually back for another year,” junior Mia Silver said.
Some teachers find it helpful to give out quizzes see where students are at related to getting back into school mode. “I just like to do it because it makes it easier for me to see where I start my lessons and what they know before jumping in,” Humanities and Arts coordinator and AP seminar and research teacher Michelle Hanson said.
Teachers rely on the students to be ready for the quizzes they give, no matter when they are. If the students know they are going to have a quiz on the first day, they should prepare for it. “It’s not hard to take 30 minutes out of your last couple days of summer to read or memorize some information for a class,” senior Gabby Heitmann said.
Quizzes or tests on the first day of school stress students out and make them more panicked than they already were for the start of the new school year. “I don’t agree with giving quizzes on the first day because the kids aren’t in the school mindset yet, they need some time to settle in,” math teacher Suzanne Pykosh said.
Students should not have to deal with the stress of walking into school on the first day and being unprepared, or completely surprised when their teacher says that they are having a quiz or test that day. “The chances of me being ready for that quiz is quite low,” Roach said.

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