End-of-year testing has sophomores wishing they were freshmen

From May 21 to May 24, students who take NSL, English 10 and Algebra 1 had testing while the rest of the school got to sleep in until lunch for four out of five days in the week.
On May 21 students who take NSL had to come into school at the regular time, for a test that is required in order to graduate from high school. The students who took this test were in both honors NSL or AP NSL.The test covered the state and local governments as opposed to what the student were learning all year, which was the national government.
It was a quick turnaround for those who had just taken the AP exam about a week before. Sophomore Matthew Kaddu said, “It was a hard couple of weeks, because we didn’t have much time to prepare for the HSA, which focused on some parts of government that we hadn’t gone over all year.”
Sophomores were left confused on why the school didn’t teach them much about the state or local government, and then they had a test that was required for graduation. “Topics on the test were similar to the ones on the AP exam, but we didn’t have enough preparation time to know exactly what was going to be on the test,” Kaddu said.
Another test that sophomores were required to take was English 10. The test happened over a two day span, May 22 and May 23. The test gave students about four and a half hours for three sections. Two of the sections contained 11 questions and one of them had only nine. Arden Matikyan said, “I thought the test was going to be longer and harder.There weren’t that many questions, which made it pretty easy.”
Students felt as if they were given too much time, and sat there too long. Sophomore Josiah Kim said, “For all three sections I finished with 45 minutes left and had nothing to do. I tried to fall asleep, but I just couldn’t.”
To close out the week of testing, on Thursday juniors who either missed the testing last year, or were new to the school had the MISA test. However, only four or five students in the entire school took the test. It was required to graduate high school for those students who did take the test. Sophomore Andy Ram enjoyed the extra day off. “The day was needed for the kids who were testing the days before,” Ram said.
Although only four or five students took the test this year, the whole junior class will need to take the test in this next school year.

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